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Our Stories by Stanley

Being a highly motivated and positive person, I loved to believe that I am a rather healthy person. The point to note is that many of us may be charming on the outside, could it be alarming on the inside for years? In Jan 2007, at age 51, I started to experience some sore on my elbow area and ankle. I did my medical check out on a yearly basis, the results shown were normal. Over 3 years period I lost 20 pounds (9 kg) in weight. The skin conditions deteriorated.

I went for Eastern, Western and various alternative treatments.  The conditions did not seem to improve permanently.

Hope came when I met Ron from Australia on 13th July 2008 who highlighted me the root cause of my issue. He told me to pay attention to my diets. And to supplement my food with nutritional supplements. I followed his advice. The conditions improved. I took lots of various supplements he recommended.  

Another attack came in May 2009. On and off, the skin gave ways. 

In Dec 2010 …as fate has it, a cook in a vegetarian restaurant saw the skin conditions of our youngest son who was suffering also from Eczema since young. She suggested Annie to call on of her friend Joan who seems to have a great product for Eczema. Joan, the same night, came to introduce the SNE products to Annie and related the case of Puan Jamilah who suffered from psoriasis and how she managed to recovered from it after all other treatments failed. After consuming SNE for about a week, our son's skin conditions has  significantly improved. The 2nd order was placed. I started to find out more and research into the products and start to appreciate the balanced nutritional values of Seabuckthorn. We started to search in YouTube for video testimonies. We bought VCDs and products books from the company to comprehend it more. We later managed to meet Jamiliah in a trip to Bali July 2011   

The transitional effect after consuming SNE products September 2011.

The condition was vastly improved by Feb 2012. 

To reach out to more people who suffered one way or another from various kinds of illnesses, we decided to design our own website and started to post articles, posts, testimonies the our site for the benefit of the masses. May those who suffer from ill-health recover from it fast and for those who are 'healthy,' do continue to invest in your health daily and live a vibrantly healthy life till death. SNE Seabuckthorn is indeed a nature's gift for human health.  

Illness does not occur without cause. Underlying causes of disease must be discovered and removed or treated before a person can recover completely.

Symptoms express the body’s attempt to heal; they are not the cause of the disease.  Symptoms therefore should not be suppressed by treatment (drugs) that lead to multiple side effects.

In Naturopathy, we seek to treat the cause of the disease, rather than merely eliminate or suppress symptoms that giving rise to healing crisis.

Healing Crisis is a transition period where our body systems work together to heal by itself.  It changes according to the stages of the healing. It disappears once health improved.


The First Phase – CATABOLISM分解代谢

•      House Cleaning – remove the garbage deposited in all the tissues

•      Removal of the gross and immediate body obstructions

•      Wastes are discarded more rapidly than new tissue is made

•      Weight Loss and persists for a while

The Second Phase – STABILISATION稳定

•      Weight Remains more or less the Stable

•      Amount of wastes being discarded is equal to the amount of tissue which is being formed and persists for a while

The Third Phase – ANABOLISM合成代谢

•      Weight starts to Go Up, even though the Diet is Lower in Calories than it was before

•      New tissues are being formed faster

•      Body’s need for the usual amounts of food decreases

•      Able to Maintain Weight and Increased Energies with Lesser Food

Retracting – RECOVERY PROCESS恢復过程

People who have had tendencies in the past to recurring skin rashes will tend to eliminate toxic through the skin with new rashes

•      The effects are dependence upon hereditary or structural weaknesses of a person

•      This is nature’s way of housecleaning –  part of a curing process

•      Do not try to stop these symptoms and reacting

•      Do not cure a cure


•      Start a better diet and for a while you feel much better

•      You feel nauseous for a day and have diarrhoea with foul-smelling stool 

•      You feel even better than before

•      You develop a cold, feel chills and lose your appetite

•      You recover and feel better that you did for years

•      You sudden develop an itch or rash. It flares up, get worst and continues for 10 days, and suddenly subsides

•      Find that hepatitis is gone and energy has increased more than ever before

•      A reaction occurs, you do not feel well

•      You recover and go even higher

•      Another reaction occurs, milder than the last

•      You recover and go even higher

•      And so it goes, each reaction is shorter in duration and is followed by a longer period of feeling better than ever before until you reach a level of plateau of vibrant health 

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