When Sick, It Helps to Heal; When Healthy, it's a Supplement

Pepole are not living longer, they are dying longer.

"You're going to be on insulin for the rest of your life."

"I wasn't making any progess on the pills."

"I got up as heavy as 518 pounds."

"In six months you'll be in dialysis or you'll be dead."

"We see this kind of cncer, there's no known cure."

"I was flat on a gurney and they were debating do I have trple bypass."

"I thought that my hypertension was genetic."

"They were not giving me any hope at all."


We can't blame doctors, they are not trained in the field. They could  not understand why they did not learn any of this in medical school.

Food industry which is A TRILLION Dollar Industry uses the very similar kind of tobacco style techniques, payingoff scientists and funding studies.

What is on our plate is really affecting our environment.

We have been putting the wrong fuels into our body.

You can see what a person is eating by looking at the palque in their arteries.

Without some serious lifestyle changes, we are heading for more health problems.

Food are one of the many manjor causes of diabetes, of heart diseases, of many forms of cancer, of hypertension, and if they are the cause, they can also be the solution.

The power is NOT INSIDE THE HANDS of the physicians, the power is INSIDE YOUR HANDS through your life choices. Do not let your culture holds your heart hostage………