When Sick, It Helps to Heal; When Healthy, it's a Supplement

'Wheat belly' is now a problem, the early morning newspaper advised me. My daughter insisted, " Apple cider vinegar is good for health" while my ayurvedic friend refutes it by saying, 'An apple a day, will get the doctor to you.' Everyday my husband returns from the gym getting the latest on what to eat and what to avoid. One day he says, ' let's stop rice and another day he says we should drink cinnamon tea in the morning. I had grown up on milk, now I am told, milk is only for babies. 

Here is a summary of the eight-fold path on healthy aging for your due consideration: 

  1. The Path of SLIGHT EATING and NO DRINKING.  
  2. The Path of FASTING. 
  4. The Path of the ENGAGING. Keep oneself engaged and involved in housework, paperwork and social work. 
  5. The Path of FINANCIAL ABUNDANCE. This is the way to being independent at ninety and beyond. 
  6. The Path of NURTURANCE. Stay in touch with friends and family members.  
  7. The Path of PRIDE. Share your life experience and years of accumulated wisdom. Listen to the achievements of the younger generation and this has created a wonderful bond among beings. 
  8. The Path of HUMOUR. Laugh a lot. Speak of living well, not dying at old age.