When Sick, It Helps to Heal; When Healthy, it's a Supplement

THE 100 MIYE 2017 Dato Lawrence Low SNE Marketing

Being the Executive Director of SNE Marketing, a traditional multi-level marketing company, Dato Low advises new or start-up entrepreneurs to never fear trying something new. He started his business with only four people which now has over 60 team members.... Read more »

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Grand Testimonies 2013 Dato’ Dr. Sheikh Muszapher Scha Alyahya and Many others

Feel the truth about the goodness of SNE Premium Nutritional products – Making the right choice for our well being is critical factor for our well being and logevity. For more information, visit or call Stanley +6012... Read more »

SNE Seabuckthorn Seed Oil Formulation SNE 天地精华沙棘种籽油配方

For Further Information English  Chinese  Bahasa Malaysia SNE Capsule combines the bio-essence of Seabuckthorn Seed Oil and Bio-active Mucopolyscchrides as its main active ingredients, extracted and refined utilizing Supercritical Carbon Dioxide... Read more »

SNE Excel Tea – The Leaf Formulation – The Detoxification Food

SNE Excel Tea is made from natural plants such as hawthorn fruit, corn stigma, seabuckthorn leaf and aloe vera which are beneficial to the human body. Its active nutrient substances are extracted using modern technology, and are unpolluted, without... Read more »

What Is Seabuckthorn? 沙棘是什麼? Why is SNE Seabuckthorn Unique?

Medical institutions around the world have published plentiful of clinical data on Seabuckthorn. It has No Side Effect, contains over 190 Bioactive Ingredients – what indeed is this superfood –Seabuckthorn? The Miracle... Read more »

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SSRI Truth, Doctors Repentance, About the Highest Degree of Corruption Involved in Their Own Process

SSRI Truth, Doctors Repentance, About the Highest Degree of Corruption Involved in Their Own Process SSRI 的真相,醫生悔改, 講述自己參與最高程度的貪污過程 Cancer: The Forbidden Cures ================================ 這部史上未公開過的紀錄片,一個隱藏過百年的秘密,邀請多位­見證人、醫學界冒死和犧­牲自己前途的醫師,每個有良知的人也要看­! Copyright... Read more »


Fresh Pineapple Has Many Benefits….   The pineapple is a member of the bromeliad family. It is extremely rare that bromeliads produce edible fruit. The pineapple is the only available edible bromeliad... Read more »

There are actually three types of fatty acids that are collectively referred to as omega-3's: ALA (alpha-linolenic acid), EPA (eicosapentaenoic), and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). Besides being hard to pronounce, they are extremely important to your... Read more »

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Seabuck-therapy Full Body Detox Cleanse Hepatobiliary 全身排毒净肝胆

Relevant Links: Liver Gall Duct Cancer 沈殿霞肝内胆管癌夺去肥姐生命 Are You Healthy? Why Detox?  Why Detox 为什么要排毒? Detox Lifestyle Awareness: Un-eliminated Feces 排毒生活意识 – 大便分類法 We... Read more »

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  有降脂、降压、防止血管硬化作用的食物: 海藻、紫菜、山楂、黑木耳、香茹、大蒜、洋葱、茶叶、荷叶、莲心、芹菜、荸荠、海蜇、蜂蜜等。    食物预防动脉粥样硬化: 近年来发现一些食物如姜、牛奶、大豆、蘑菇、大蒜、洋葱、甲鱼、海水鱼油等对动脉粥样硬化有预防效果,以及降低高血脂的作用。 有解毒作用的食物:                                            ... Read more »

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Nurturing and not Treating Blood Vessels 血管要“养”不要“治”——延年益寿的最有效的方法

很多人以为,只有到老了的时候,才用为我们的血管操心。殊不知,血 管斑块变大,从30岁以后就加速了,再加上现代人活得越来越累、吃得 越来越不健康、运动得越来越少,不知不觉中加速了血管的衰老和损... Read more »

    温馨提示:因视频流量较大,建议在无线wifi环境下观看    中国加入世界贸易组织,国际市场经济的游戏规则已全面导入,规范的直销必须 成为中国市场经济的一个有机组成部分。关于这一点。我们从国外多年的市场经济 成熟状态可以看到,当前中国政府也正式遵循国际准则,承诺将于入世后三年内开 放该领域的市场,而且已经在对该领域进行更加有效的立法准备。可以说,直销就 是未来社会发展的趋势,对此,记者本着实事求是的原则,对中国直销市场的远景 进行了深入的采访调查。   直销是一种正当的职业  直销正式进入中国是 1990 年。第一个进入中国的是雅芳公司。到了 1993 年时, 直销公司从数量上讲已经比较多,直销公司的制度也更是五花八门。关于这个时期, 中国的直销理论研究者们把它称为泛滥序期。也就是在这个时期。“非法传销”欲 演欲烈。随着媒体对打击非法传销的不断宣传,直销也被蒙上了一层暗淡的色彩, 难以还原其本来面目。   中国财经报道–直销趋势新机遇  ... Read more »

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Omega 6 is essential for three critical health benefits: Benefits manifest on a cellular level, because omega 6 plays an important role as a messenger. Omega 6 benefit 1: Growth. Omega 6 plays an important role in cell growth, and is thus essential... Read more »

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