When Sick, It Helps to Heal; When Healthy, it's a Supplement

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Liver Gall Duct Cancer 沈殿霞肝内胆管癌夺去肥姐生命

Are You Healthy? Why Detox? 

Why Detox 为什么要排毒?

Detox Lifestyle Awareness: Un-eliminated Feces 排毒生活意识 – 大便分類法

We Come! We Experience! We Share! 

Seabuckthorn is undoubtedly the Human Health Savior of the 21st Century! Do you own research to be convinced yourself. One of the hardest things to do in life is to shut up long enough to listen to someone who khow more than us

Most of us, due to our own ignorance and unwillingness, will not able to optimize the goodness of Seabuckthorn. 

Thus, we challenge you to come forth to experience it yourself your own health life transformation within 7 days using seabuckthorn in our Seabuck-therapy Life Camp: Full Body Detox Cleanse Hepatobiliary.

Can we truly be healthy, can our organs functions at their peak when our body is filled with toxins?

Thus, to regain back our health and slow down our aging process, the first essential step of us to take is to eliminate as much toxins from our body as soon as possible. Only than we can expect our digestive system to function at tis peak to aid us in the digestion of our food, absorption of the needed nutrients and in the elimination of waste from our body on a daily basis. 

Safe. Relax. Effective. Do not need to be on diets.





—天吃多少餐,—天就该上多少次的厕所,您做到了吗? 多进少见,有进缓出,那来健康?


Removal of Liver Gallstones and Gall Bladder 清除肝胆结石与胆囊切除

The boy age 13 experienced morning running nose, serious constipation problem. Irregular  heartbeat at age 9, asthmatic problem, stomach reflux. Went in and out of hospitals.

Went for detox, rid thousand of stones. Lot of shits on the 4th day and now regain back his health.

May he be blessed with a healthy body healthy mind.

Detox or not detox, your  decision! Fact is fact! reality is reality! This boy is only 13 years old.

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Act NOW! Welcom you to join us for the next Seabuckt-therapy Detox Life Camp at d'ARK Resort, Janda Baik, Bentong 2016 with a 5-day DIY off camp detox. 

We shall prescibe you the relevant detox product package and provide you with the detox recipe to follow. 

For more information, call Dr. Stanley 6012 30215 88, 6012 6368 171. Do be assured,  it is worth your time, effort and investment.

For more information, call +6012 30215 88, +6012 6368 171

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