When Sick, It Helps to Heal; When Healthy, it's a Supplement

SNE Excel Tea is made from natural plants such as hawthorn fruit, corn stigma, seabuckthorn leaf and aloe vera which are beneficial to the human body. Its active nutrient substances are extracted using modern technology, and are unpolluted, without any known side effects. It is capable of removing toxins and heavy metals from the body, which will help reduce pigmentation, promote a radiant complexion, eliminate excessive fat and improve overall health.


Main Ingredients

  1. Hawthorn Fruit (Frutus Crataegus Pinnatifida) 山楂 – Commonly used to reduce fat, aids in the digestion of meat, promotes fat decomposition, reduces plasma lipid, blood pressure and cholesterol levels 消脂常用药材,尤其对肉类的消化有效,汀促进脂肪分解,降低血脂、血庄及胆固醇。
  1. Corn Stigma (Stigma Maydis) 玉米须 – Has strong dieresis functions, inhibits protein excretion, promotes bile secretion, reduces the thickness and contents of bilirubin, lower plasma lipid, blood pressure, blood sugar levels and reduces fluid retention in the body (detumescence) 有较强利尿作用,还能抑却蛋白质排泄。能促进胆汁分泌,降低能黏稠性及胆红素含量,具有降血,血压、血糖,利水消肿的功效。
  1. Seabuckthorn Leaf (Hippophae Rhamnoides Leaf) 沙棘叶– Contains flavonoids and tannins, moisturizes the skin and enhances cellular metabolism 富有黄酮素和丹宁酸,滋养皮肤,促进细胞代谢。
  1. Aloe Vera 芦荟 – Neutralizes toxins, promote cell regeneration and improve blood circulation. Aids in liver detoxification, purifies skin and enhances metabolism. It also helps to prevent freckles, spots, sunburn and wrinkles 中和毒素、促进细胞再生和促进血液循坏,对肝脏各种疾病均有意想不到的功效。增强皮肤及机体陈新代谢的活力,预防雀斑,色斑,晒斑及皱纹的產生。

Main Features

  1. Cleanses the blood and detoxifies the body 净血排毒
  2. Clear and Revitalizes 以〝通〞为〝补〞
  3. Slimming and beautifies 廋身美肤
  4. Bi-directional regulating effects 双向调节


  1. Removes internal toxins 排内毒
  2. Removes external toxins 排外毒
  3. Relieve constipation 通便秘
  4. Reduce blood lipids 降血脂
  5. Protects the liver and gall bladder 保肝利胆
  6. Resists viruses 抗病毒
  7. Improve skin texture 改善肌肤
  8. Remove fats and aids in slimming 消脂减肥
  9. Delays the onset of ageing 抗哀老

Suitable for

  1. Excess internal heat (sore eyes, inflammed laryx, toothache, mouth ulcels, bitter taste and dryness of the mouth and constipation 内火重 〔目赤咽肿、牙齿肿痛、口舌生疮,口苦口干、大便秘结〕
  2. Sluggish detoxification function (pigmentation, bad breath, pale complexion, insomnia, hypertension, high cholesterol levels, hepatic and gall disorders, obesity and haemorrhoids 排毒不畅〔色斑、口臭、面色暗淡、无食欲、失眠、高血压、高胆因醇、肝胆不适、肥胖,痔疮〕



*** 主要成份 ***
山楂 – 常用来减少脂肪, 艾滋病在消化肉类, 促进脂肪分解, 降低血脂, 消脂常用药材,尤其对肉类的消化有效,汀促进脂肪分解,降低血脂、血庄及胆目醇。

玉米须 – 具有较强的音符号功能, 抑制蛋白排泄, 促进胆汁分泌, 减少胆红素的厚度和内容, 降低血脂, 血压, 血糖水平,减少液体潴留在体内 (消肿) 有较强利尿作用,还能抑却蛋白质排泄。能促进胆汁分泌,降低能黏稠性及胆红素含量,具有降血,血压、血糖,利水消肿的功效。

沙棘叶– 含有类黄酮和单宁, 富有黄酮素和丹宁酸,滋养皮肤,促进细胞代谢。

芦荟 – 中和毒素, 促进细胞再生,改善血液循环. 艾滋病在肝脏的解毒, 净化皮肤,增强新陈代谢. 它还有助于防止雀斑, 斑点,  促进细胞再生和促进血液循坏,对肝脏各种疾病均有意想不到的功效。增强皮肤及机体陈新代谢的活力,预防雀斑,色斑,晒斑及皱纹的產生。




sne excel tea


 Effects of Excel Tea

1st Stage


2 -10


Alleviation in constipation with the removal of much of the coprostatic wastes (stubborn stools);

Removal of excessive heat from the liver, stomach, gall bladder, heart and lungs;

Significant improvement in one's physique with increased appetite;

Healing reactions experienced in existing ailments

2nd  Stage


10 -30


Removal of excessive toxins within the intestines with the regulation of bowel movements;

Cleansing of the blood begins and the skins becomes more lustrous and smooth;

Health is regulated with improved appetite and body feels more at ease;

Conditions of ailments are alleviated

3rd Stage




Excessive toxins within the body are cleared with significant improvement in various conditions such as obesity, high cholesterol, fatty live, hyperlipidemia, cholecystitis and haemorrhoids;

Improved immune functions and resistance against viruses;

Activation of body cells with the removal of free radicals, coupled with significant anti-ageing effects and regeneration of cells.


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