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SNE Capsule combines the bio-essence of Seabuckthorn Seed Oil and Bio-active Mucopolyscchrides as its main active ingredients, extracted and refined utilizing Supercritical Carbon Dioxide Extraction Technique. This low-temperature extraction method helps preserve the bio-acive ingredients of its raw materials, it is non toxic and environmental friendly. SNE Capsule is effective in eliminating toxins and free radicals, enhances the immune system, activates the brain cells, nervous system and endocrine system and regulates the repair of cells to achieve optimum metabolism.

SNE 天地精华沙棘种籽油结合活性高分子生物黏多糖,采用超临界CO2萃取分离技术,再运用生物工程〝酶速解〞的新工艺,将两种营养相互结合,精制而成。SNE 天地精华有效清除体内毒素及自由基,增强免疫功能,活化大脑及神经系統、内分泌系統,调节修复人体细胞,达致重新代谢的功效。

Main Features 六大功效

  1. Promotes longevity 延年益寿
  2. Nourishes and rejuvenates cells 增强恢复
  3. Regulates and promotes cellular repair 调整修复
  4. Contains anti-bacterial properties 抗菌杀菌
  5. Balance the body system 补降同步
  6. Purifies bloods and aids in detoxification 清血排毒

Wonderful for SNE 天地精华适合

  1. Respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract & urinary system diseases 呼吸道、肠胃、泌尿系统疾病患者
  2. Cardiovascular, cerebrovascular & blood circulation system diseases 心脑血管、血源循环系统疾病患者
  3. Nervous system disorders, rheumatism & arthritis 神经系统、风湿关节疾病患者
  4. Skin diseases 皮肤病患者
  5. Semi-healthy state 亚健康状态
  6. Sluggish immune functions 免疫力减退
  7. Burns, scalds, bedsores, cuts, frostbite 烧伤、烫伤、褥疮,刀伤、冻伤等患者

Effects of SNE Capsule / 天地精华效果对照

1st Course Treatment


(1-30 Days/)

  • A radiant and rosy complexion 气色变好,面帶红润,富有营养
  • Improved sleep quality 睡眠有明显改善
  • Enhanced immune system 免疫功能得到提升
  • Mentally relieved 精神放松
  • Alleviated condition of existing ailments 自身疾病和潜在疾病得到改善

The effects of SNE Capsule have started to take place, eliminating toxins and free radicals from your body. Some individuals may experience healing crisis reactions. However, such reactions will disappear within 1-2 weeks.  SNE 天地精华在你体内发生效力,将体内各种毒素与自由基排出体外,个人可能会出现一些瞑眩反应。一般上在一至两星期反应会完全消失。

2nd Course Treatment


(30-60 Days/)

  • One will feel energized and revitalized 全身充满活力
  • A radiant and rosy complexion 皮肤有光泽,面色红润
  • Pigmentation and wrinkles are reduced 色斑、皱纹减少
  • Improved sleep quality 睡眠良好
  • Alleviated or recovered condition of ailments 各种疾病己经治愈或好转
  • One will exude a healthy glow and youthfulness 青春煥发变得更年轻

The endocrine system is regulated to achieve inner equilibrium; immune functions are restored and metabolism is at its optimal level. You are advised to continue the consumption of SNE Capsule. 体内内分泌系统的平衡己初步建立,免疫功能己经恢复正常。新陈代谢功能已健全,请坚持服用SNE 天地精华。

3rd Course Treatment


(After60 Days/ 60天之后)

  • Fatigue, tiredness and backache are alleviated 全身乏力及腰酸背痛逐一好转
  • Well-moisturized, smooth and supple skin 肌肤变得滑润
  • Diminished or reduced appearance of pigmentation 各种色班明显淡化及减少
  • Decreased blood sugar, blood lipid and cholesterol levels 血糖、血脂、胆固醇明显降低
  • Blood circulation is at its optimum level; rosy fingertips are observed 血液循环恢复正常,指间发红
  • Significantly improved symptoms of existing ailments 自身的各种疾病明显好转

SNE Capsule has become the important source of essential nutrients for your body. It helps in regulating your body functions. You are advised to continue the consumption of SNE Capsule.  SNE 天地精华己成为您调整和补充各种营养成份的重要来源,请继续服用SNE 天地精华。

Maintaining Stage


  • At this stage, you would have experienced the favorable effects of the SNE Capsule. You are advised to continue the consumption of SNE Capsule. Dosage may be reduced to half. Consequently, SNE Capsule will help you stay healthy, free from ailments; preserve your youth, so that you can enjoy the benefits of longevity..
  • 相信您己经身体险了SNE 天地精华的良好效果,进入保持期后最好选择长期服用。服用量可以减半。SNE 天地精华将会让您远离疾病,留住青春,延年益寿。


sne capsule



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100% natural
Provides over 190 active nutrients to satisfy body requirements
Rich in concentration of nutrients such as vitamins, nucleic acid, carotenoids, flavonoids, Oligomeric Procyanidolic Complex (OPC),
β-sitosterol and minerals
High in antioxidant elements and bioavailable nutrients
Utilized sophisticated extraction method – Supercritical COExtraction Method
Met requirements of American FDA, AA Grade Food, and Organic Food Organization & passed the quality tests of Singapore, 
Malaysia & Japan
  Dosage : 2 – 4 capsules each time, 2 times daily
Product Name : SNE Capsule
Product Code : 10002

Weight : 500mg x 60 capsules

Ministry of Health Registration No. :MAL20034169TCR
Price : RM265.00 (SP) Member Price RM210 (including GST)
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