When Sick, It Helps to Heal; When Healthy, it's a Supplement

Super Nutrient Essence Wholistic Health Rebuilding Life Camp 国宝沙棘天地精华体內凈化养生之道生活营

  Today's Modern Food- It's not what you think! 化肥农药激素的世界 !这世上还有什么可以吃 If asked about sustainable food systems, most people think about the environment, climate and... Read more »

A real simple exercise to help you increase your energy…   The English text is my translation from the Chinese text.   Lie down on your back, raise your legs as show in the photo – 90... Read more »

BENEFITS OF WARM WATER  A group of Japanese Doctors confirmed that warm water is 100 % effective in resolving some health problems, including: Headache, migraine,  high blood pressure, low blood pressure,  pain of joints, sudden... Read more »

死在嘴上,病在腿上, 看一遍年轻十岁! 2016-06-08 净空老法师 1.    在健康问题上,你自己比老天爷管用 早上吃好,中午吃饱,晚上吃少。现在的人相反了, 早上马虎,中午对付,晚上大吃大喝,这就是百病之根。 早上这顿饭,等于吃补药,是最重要的一顿饭,一定要吃营养早餐。 主食必须要有蔬菜加水果,早餐营养不好,中午、晚上是补不回来的。 2.   ... Read more »

CHOLESTEROL (mmol/L) Cholesterol —   < 5.2 HDL  —  >1.03 LDL  —    <4.1 Triglycerides —   <1.70               PLATELETS COUNT 150... Read more »

Seabuck Health Path:Women Must Know 沙棘健康之道:女人必知

The physiological structure of women and men differs; women when reaches at 50,due to ovarian atrophy, estrogen and progesterone significantly reduced bring forth a series of autonomic nerve, endocrine and psychological disorder. Thus, by age 50,if... Read more »

床邊坐,別著急,伸伸懶腰再起床。    溫開水,喝半杯,半分鐘後再站起。   大小便,要排空,血脈通暢最寶貴。    吃早餐,很重要,清腸排毒垃圾清。    宜早更要營養好。... Read more »

Rest and Sleep is an importance expect of our life, especially our heath, here is some useful information about sleep that you may wish to learn.  Read More →

冠心病,吃銀杏。   吃鮮橙,防卒中。 吃西柚,防血稠。   吃洋蔥,腦路通。 蘑菇餐,防血栓。   吃鮮姜,血脂康。  木耳菜,降脂快。   菊花茶,降血壓。  吃辣椒,消脂肪。... Read more »

Dear Dr. Stanley,   Thank you for your prompt reply.   No sir I'm not on any medication or facing health issue. I just need to shed off  few extra kilos from my current weight. By the way how long should I see promising... Read more »

Taken your breakfast?  Here is an insight into health.    It is not just what we eat,  it is also our emotion and attitude at the time while we ar eating that determine to what extent our body can benefit from what we have eaten. Thus,... Read more »

Detox Lifestyle Awareness – Human Feces Categorizing  排毒生活意识 – 大便分類法

 Bristol Stool Chart (BSC), a medical aid to classify human feces into 7 types, was developed by Dr. Ken Heaton and Dr. Stephen Lewis  at the University of Bristol. a useful measure of colon transit... Read more »