When Sick, It Helps to Heal; When Healthy, it's a Supplement

Serious Gastric Problem, Thyroid,  Arteries Block, Jab Kok Leong and Uncle Tan

  Jab Kok Leong,  Age  61 from Kampung Pasir Baru   Health Challenges: 消化不良 / 常呕吐 / 难入眠/贫血/ 大劲包 / 尿酸/ 糖尿病 / 血管阻塞 Poor digestion / Vomit often / Unable to Sleep / Anemia /Thyroid... Read more »

Feel compel to share with people at large on the goodness of seabuckthorn

Feel compel to share with people at large on the goodness of seabuckthorn.   A search of the word "Seabuckthorn, Sea Buckthorn" at google will give you more that 1,500,000 pages and the word 沙棘 will give you more than3,000,000... Read more »

How SNE and Artercardy Essence saved the life of Mr Khor Swee Leong who was diagnosed of 3 Arteries Blockage

Doing his good friend a favor, Mr Khor sent his friend and daughter to hospital. Unfortunately upon arriving at the hospital, he felt discomfort at the chest area and later he collapsed. … Partially in Chinese and partially in Bahasa Malaysia –... Read more »

  Cancer Prevention and Treatment: Can Sea Buckthorn Help? Sea buckthorn is a possible remedy for cancer, diabetes, thrombosis and inflammation, according to a recent study from the University of Manitoba (DOI:10.1016/j.jff.2011.01.001). Researchers... Read more »

Unveiling the Code of Cardio-Cerebrovascular Diseases 解读心脑疾病密码

Part 1 – The 5 Theories of Human Ageing and Diseases 人类哀老和疾病的五大学说      Read More →

Obesity is the source of all diseases 肥胖是万病之源

  很多人都不知道自己是不是属于肥胖人群,这里教大家一个自我检测的 方法: 男性标准体重:身高-105 女性标准体重:身高-107.5 (这里得出的数据单位为公斤) 目前医学界认为,当一个人的体重超过标准体重的10%时,称为超重,... Read more »