When Sick, It Helps to Heal; When Healthy, it's a Supplement

Uncle Tan Wan Tong was the bodyguard of Tan Sri Lee Kim Sai, weighing 230 pounds then. At age Fifty-Seven, his body failed him. He suffered from kidney, diabetes, gout and stroke problems. By the time he was age Sixty, he weighed only Ninety-Eight pounds. Lying on bed for 9 months with no hope of surviving, then came his insurance agent who became his life saviour. Find out more yourself by viewing his testimony.

The 2-minute Version 


The Latest, Wowing Health conditions – Crirital Sick in 2003, Now Superbly strong in 2013

His Product Consumption: SNE

Phrase One: The initial stage, he consumed two capsules each of the SNE in the morning and at night for one month.

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