When Sick, It Helps to Heal; When Healthy, it's a Supplement

SNE Migraine, Live, Kidney and Backbone Issues

Another miracle case has happened to our good friend Suresh, a sound engineer, who suffered from Migraine since 1995, liver and kindney problems and backbone issue since 2003, it is her mother who has benefitted from SNE products that introduce him to... Read more »

Sinuses, Bladder Stones and Backache

Mr Ho Fei Keong was suffering from sinuses for more than 10 years. He work in printing industry. Having sinuses is very torturing, facing running nose on daily basis and it is very itchy …  Read More →

Severe Back-aching and Glaucoma

Mr. Wong suffered from Severe Back-aching and Glaucoma Problems. He needed injections regularly to suppress his pain. Every 3 to 4 months his nose would be rotting. He had visited numerous specialists. Let him share with you the miracle of SNE products. 眼睛病變... Read more »

Diabetes, Skin Disease, Backache

Norbaki Bin Kalam would like to thanks to his friend who has recommended SNE to him. Today, SNE has been recommended to him as a catalyst to speed up the recovery of his illnesses.  Read More →

SNE Seabuckthorn Pylori – Hepatatis B Carrier – Ear Fluid Imbalance – Back Aching

When immune system is weaken, we are proned to bacteria and virus infections.                 Seabuckthorn contains abundant of antioxidants that are capable to enhance our immune system.                   Meng... Read more »