When Sick, It Helps to Heal; When Healthy, it's a Supplement

Why Does Beutskin Essence Provide Such Therapeutic Effects?

The active ingredients in Beutskin Essence enter the human body and act directly on the cellular nucleus to induce the production of autogenous enzymes which replenish and activate the cells’ electrical charges; reducing energy consumption during normal cellular replication, inducing cells to produce fission energy reaction for self-protection of energy, activating cellular vitality, increasing the self-repairing ability of cells, restoring normal cellular metabolic functions and restoring skin cells to slowly release active enzymes.

It has been scientifically proven that active cell enzymes are effective in inhibiting denaturation, thus aiding in the treatment of wrinkles, scars or blemishes, dehydrated and sagging skin, enlarged pores, etc. It can also neutralize and thoroughly cleanse the cells of toxin, effectively improve the skin’s microcirculatory system to prevent clogged metabolic pathway and nourish, repair and rejuvenate skins.

The “DNA Balancing Method”

The DNA balancing agent is produced from 100% natural plants obtained from the highlands of Inner Mongolia using the Supercritical Carbon Dioxide extraction technique. It is the exclusive patent product of YuHangRen Group of Inner Mongolia. It plays a critical role in the treatment of pigmented spots and provides whitening effects on the skin. By the activation of the BNA Balancing Agent, pigmented spots can be treated to achieve total whitening effects. Each DNA contains countless genes, while the stability of each gene needs to be maintained by the DNA Balancing Agent. If there is a deficiency of the DNA Balancing Agent, genetic mutation may occur. This mutation will produce a large amount of abnormal pigment cells that release a large amount of melanin, forming pigmented spots. Alteration of glandular genes will lead to excessive or insufficient glandular secretion of hormones. This will cause endocrinal imbalance, nervous system disorder and imbalanced skin metabolic functions, leading to emotional instability, insomnia, hypersomnia, poor memory functions, depression, imbalanced skin metabolism and the absence of metabolism. All of these can accelerate the appearance of pigmented spots.

Base on the DNA Balancing Therapy,  Beutskin Essence is effective in controlling mutated genes, melanocytes and pigment genes. It can effectively control factors that cause pigmentation as well as regulate all aspects of imbalances of the body, inhibit the imbalances and pathological changes of pigmentation, breakdown deposited pigment rapidly, eliminate pigmented spots, whiten skin, while constricting skin pores.      

“DNA” Balancing Theraphy – the solution for Total Whitening & “Spot” Removal


With the efforts from all experts, Beutskin Essence is born! It is a soft capsule which is to be taken orally. More importantly, it is the first product that  utilizes 100% natural plant ingredients, is non-toxic, hormone-free and free of all side effects. It can achieve total whitening and the elimination of melanin and spots, as well as prevent its recurrence!

Upon consumption, Beutskin Essence activates rapid cleavage of cells which is mainly distributed in the affected areas, inhibits the formation of abnormal melanin, automatically search and phagocytose abnormal melanocytes.

It allows you to achieve a total whitening and spot removal equilibrium.

See the Difference with the 3 Major Functions

1. Cleaning and Toxin Elimination

Based on the latest theory of cleansing and toxin elimination, Beutskin Essence contains active ingredients from 100% natural plant essence, which diffuse within the circulatory system and blood to effectively eradicate free radicals and various harmful substances by flushing them out of our body through sweat, stool and urine. Besides, Beutskin Essence solves vacuity (deficiency) in origin and excess in superficiality based on its cause and pathology. Toxins distributed in the skin, lymph nodes, blood and nervous system are excreted from the body to achieve total toxin elimination from the body.

Once the toxins are eliminated, there will be a significant improvement of appetite and sleep quality, as well as emotional well-being. Thus, one’s susceptibility towards diseases is reduced.

2. The Repair and Restoration of Body Functions

After cleansing and toxin elimination, over a hundred types of active nutrients contains within Beutskin Essence will be absorbed by the body. These absolute bio-available nutrients will be transported by the blood stream without leaving any waste products. It restores damaged tissues, accelerates the regeneration and repair of soft tissues, regulates physiological functions, while restoring and strengthening cellular vitality, regulating the endocrine system, enhancing the body’s immune functions, balancing the distribution of hormones in the body, suppressing the formation of melanin and pigmentation for the total body rejuvenation.

3. Reconstruction of Skin for Total Skin Renewal

Beutskin Essence enables rapid restoration of tissue and organs within the whole body, while rapidly activates the body and facial cells, promotes the re-synthesis of collagen, eradicates skin fatigue and severe ageing atrophy. It rapidly restores skin elasticity, promotes cleavage of skin stem cells and fibrous cells. Skin growth and metabolism are accelerated with diminished melanin. Skin appears radiant and smooth. Besides that, it improves skin sensitivity and effectively smoothens out fine lines within a short time, promoting skin firmness and resilience. It also activates the skin’s immune cells, rapidly strengthens the skin’s immune ability and fully replenishes skin energy for total skin renewal with increased vitality.

Experience the 4 Major Elements


1. RPG Energy Element

The core elements of  Beutskin Essence’s cell energy system acts directly on the ultra-fine particles of the cellular nucleus its structure is compact, tiny and powerful. They change shape freely to enter skin cells. The normal electrical charge of cells is 0.07 volt. When it is lower than 0.02 volt, the cells are in a low energy condition and undergoing the ageing process. The RPG Energy Element is able to produce fission reaction while entering the cellular nucleus, and emits extremely high cellular energy together with a fission chain reaction which is formed simultaneously to replenish and increase the skin cells’ electrical energy, so as to enhance its self-repair ability and increase its vitality. 

2. Cellular Repair and Regenerative Elements

Human cells contain a type of active substances and its amount in the body will directly determine the skin’s degree of youthfulness to a certain extent. It is mainly responsible to promote growth and differentiation of skin cells, accelerate metabolism, and increase the ratio of new cells in skin, repair damaged skin cell rapidly, thus delaying the ageing of skin cells for younger-looking, radiant, smooth and resilient skin. It is scientifically known as the “Cell Repair and Regenerative” elements.

3. Intelligent Targeted Whitening and Nourishing Elements

These are targeted cells that are released and spread through certain lateral secretion and auto secretion of cells to regulate the energy production of the body, increase the collagen synthesis of the skin, repair damaged elastic fiber structure and gradually heal the broken cellular bio-chain, thus achieving highly intelligent targeted whitening and molecular nourishment. It provides significant effects on the eradication of eye bags and wrinkles and the enhancement of the nose-labial groove, in addition to firming the facial skin.

4. Natural Skin Reconstructing Elements

It is an important skin protective barrier with profound effects. It defends against the invasion of free radicals, stabilizes the releases of antioxidant vitamins B, C, E and other nutrients, enhances skin resistance, stimulates the multiplication of natural collagen, smoothens skins, balances skin tone, lightens pigmentation and enhances radiance instantly, thus producing a perfectly balanced skin condition.


1. The Stabilized Whitening Factor

The Stabilized Whitening Factor is able to block and prevent radiation from ultraviolet rays. This highlights the disadvantages of other whitening factors which only lasts temporarily, and rebounds immediately after its consumption is stopped. When melanin is eliminated, the whitening effect is long lasting without any relapse, thus enabling your skin to constantly appear fair without any wrinkles or blemishes.    

2. Natural Skin Enhancing Factor

The Natural Skin Enhancing Factor mainly  strikes off melanin, retains water content, moisturizes the skin, heals acne and blemishes, produces essential collagen needed by the body, lightens skin spots, resists the hardening of collagen in the dermal layer of the skin, inhibits collagenase and prevents collagen cleavage in the dermis.

3. Skin Growth Factor

The Skin Growth Factor promotes skin metabolism and accelerates skin renewal. It promotes basal skin cells activity, enhances the metabolic function of death cells in the keratin layer as well as enables optimum nutrients and oxygen supply to every cell to obtain healthy, firm and smooth skin all over the body.

4. Gene Repairing Factor

The Gene Repairing Factor balances the gene stability within the DNA, abnormal melanocytes DNA secretion, endocrinal glands, imbalanced hormone DNA and skin normalization. This will effectively control mutated genes and melanocytes, improve skin condition and, repair and restore damaged skin.

5. Super Antioxidant Factor

The Super Antioxidant Factor can rapidly eliminate oxygen free radicals in the body, adjust overall body functions, eliminate the source of oxidation and inhibit the oxidation process, thus overcoming the problems of ageing, pigment deposition, insomnia, frequent dreaming during sleep, reduced memory functions, fatigue, constipation and, dull and sallow complexion. This Super Antioxidant Factor is necessary for the maintenance of beauty.

The Unique & Unparalleled 6 Major Characteristics

1. PERMEABILITY –  Beutskin Essence utilizes 100% active plant essence which rapidly diffuses freely between cells and activates the cell’s vital functions.

2. RESTORABILITYBeutskin Essence’s  active plant ingredients act directly on the cellular nucleus by inducing it to produce autogenous enzymes to restore vitality.

3. REGENERATIVEBeutskin Essence’s active plant ingredients directly provide nutrients to the cells, increase the self-repair ability of the cells and help the skins cells regain a normal healthy state.

4. TARGETED-DIRECTEDBeutskin Essence’s active plant ingredients directly identify and act on the damaged cells within the body to increase collagen content and repair the structure of elastic fibres.

5. REPLENISHINGBeutskin Essence’s active plant ingredients directly replenish energy and nutrients needed by the skin cells.

6. RELIABILITYBeutskin Essence utilizes 100% plant ingredients without the use of any hormones and therefore, will not caused allergy and dependency.  


1. Utilizes 100% natural grade AA plant essence – safe and reliable. It is guaranteed to be safer than fruits

2. Passed safety test in Singapore, Malaysia, and China and does not contain any hormones and/or stimulants

3. Utilizes the most advance extraction technique with higher concentration and stabilized activity. Unique and advanced manufacturing technology guarantees its quality and quantity

4. Its unique efficacy is proven through massive clinical trials and upon the consumption by thousands  of people. Long-term consumption produces better results. Non-additive and product’s stability is guaranteed

5. SNE Marketing Sdn Bhd as the sole global agent which ensures that there are no other agents in the world, enabling you to enjoy unlimited global opportunities without boundaries

6. Super nutrient ingredients and affordably priced products ensure that its benefits could be enjoyed by all. 

7. Japanese formulation made from plants harvested from the unpolluted highlands yield superior results. We assure you that your sub-health condition will make way for optimum health


  • Individuals undergoing natural skin ageing with impaired blood circulation, uneven pigment stasis and deposition, coarse and sagging skin, loss of skin elasticity, dryness and pigmented spots due to advancing age;

  • Individuals with gynecological diseases such as ovarian function disorder, irregular menstrual period with menstrual clots and foul odor, leucorrhoea, etc which cause sallow and pale complexion with the presence of pigmented spots;

  • Individuals with pigmentation, yellow discoloration and/or dry skin due to childbirth, miscarriage, labor induction, induced abortion, weakness after delivery, hematoma, aching of waist and stomach, general weakness and lethargy, impaired blood circulation, etc;

  • Individuals with a history of long-term smoking and excessive alcoholism; resulting in yellow discoloration of the skin, imbalanced pigment distribution and pigment secretion disorder. These will eventually form pigmentation and toxin deposition that will slow down skin metabolism and accelerate ageing;

  • Individuals who frequently stay up late, indulge in unhealthy living habits and do not have a healthy skin care regime may have endocrinal disorders, impaired blood circulation, blockage of blood capillaries, blood stasis, deposition of pigment that cause dull, yellow and discolored skin;

  • Individuals weighted down by stress and fatigue may suffer from hormonal tension, impaired secretion of skin pores and blood flow, pigmented deposition, frequent insomnia and anxiety;

  • Individuals who are frequently exposed to contaminants, including contaminated water and air, as well as external pollution which directly influence the pigment deposition in the body, in addition to prolonged exposure to heavy metals, exhaust fumes from vehicles and urban pollution that lead to excessive toxin accumulation within the body and accelerated skin ageing;

  • Individuals suffering from stress and anxiety, insufficient sleep, listlessness, inability to concentrate, prolonged exposure to radiation from television, computer, mobile phone and etc, causing facial acne followed by the deposition of pigment and clogged skin pores upon the healing of acne;

  • Individuals who lead sedentary lifestyles and lacking of exercise, besides having an improper diet result in imbalanced nutrition or malnutrition, enlarged skin pores, oily and/or coarse skin over the face, inflamed acne, increase discharge and itchiness;

  • Individuals on long-term medication or weak physique who are susceptible to illnesses, suffering from dry hair and skin, eye bags, reduced libido, sagging breast, excessive sweating, dizziness, restlessness, insomnia, etc;

  • Individuals who do not have a proper skin care regime and do not use sun screen, resulting in frequent exposure to radiation and UV rays. Prolonged use of low quality cosmetic products produces skin toxicity, melanin retention and deposition, skin hypoxia and the deposition of heavy metals;

  • Individuals with congenital sallow skin due to hereditary causes, increased tissue growth at the tip of the nose, uneven skin texture and excessive sebaceous secretion on the face;

  • Individuals above 13 years old who wish to stay healthy and young, resisting the onset of ageing and spots.


3 Days after the Consumption of Beutskin Essence

Beutskin Essence’s  100% active ingredients have penetrated the internal parts of the body; the liver and kidneys are stabilized, there is a significant increase of the metabolism of toxin in the body, blood capillaries resistance is enhanced, hemoglobin levels are raised significantly and, symptoms od dizziness, tinnitus, insomnia and cold intolerance are improved markedly. Skin pigmentation starts to fade while imbalanced vital energy and blood functions are improved. You will feel refreshed, energetic and full of vitality.

10 Days after the Consumption of Beutskin Essence

Following the complete restoration of internal organ functions, the skin’s  self-protective function is strengthened with increased resistance ability, enhanced blood circulation and balanced pigment production. Cells become active and skin pores are cleared of deposits. Pigmented spots are lightened markedly. Meanwhile, endocrinal functions are improved, hair become darker, eye bags disappear and complexion is restored from dull and sallow to bright and radiant. One will also feel younger and more vibrant.

30 Days after the Consumption of Beutskin Essence

Internal organs are basically cleansed and skin cells are supplied with the necessary nutrients. The skin’s self-repair ability is enhanced while the skin’s microcirculatory functions are regulated effectively. Beutskin Essence’s active factors effectively break down pigment deposits and pigment genes, expel pigmented spots wastes through pore discharge and blood circulation. Pigmentation becomes lighter; the yellow discoloration of skin has totally disappeared while the skin becomes fair, rosy, delicate and radiant. Besides that, leucorrhoea become normal without any foul odor, menstrual blood color is normal and disease resistance is enhanced, and your beauty is regained within 30 days

60 Days after the Consumption of Beutskin Essence

Following the complete restoration of internal organ functions, the skin’s self-protective function is strengthened with increased resistance ability, enhanced blood circulation and balanced pigment production. Cells become active and skin pores are cleared of deposits. Pigmented spots are lightened markedly. Meanwhile, endocrinal functions are improved, hair becomes darker, eye bags disappear and complexion is restored from dull and sallow to bright and radiant. One will also feel younger and more vibrant.

90 Days after the Consumption of Beutskin Essence

Large amount of excess lipofuscin and free radicals in the body are eliminated, cells become active and skin pores are cleared of deposit. Beutskin Essence’s active ingredients effectively breakdown all pigment deposits. Besides that, collagen synthesis is enhanced and skin elasticity is restore to regain a beautiful and youthful appearance. At the same time, hair appears darker and healthier; breasts are firmer and, you feel and look younger.

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