When Sick, It Helps to Heal; When Healthy, it's a Supplement

Colon Cancer: Mr. Chock Lam Sun

Mr. Chock, age 51,  was suffering from second stage colon cancer for 3 years. While on treatement, he consumed 10 capsules of SNE (morning and night) for a duration of three years. The medical examination reports then shown that he was clear of the... Read more »

Breast Cancer (Pictures Speak Thousand Words)

Meilin, age Fifty-Three, from Philippine, was suffering from breast cancer and doctor declared she could only survive for a week. Now one and a half-year have past, she is still alive. She consumed and applied 20 capsules of SNE and Wis-D daily. Lahad... Read more »

Colorectal Cancer, Bloody Stools, 结肠癌、粪便出血

Colorectal Cancer, Bloody Stools, 结肠癌、粪便出血 En Yusof Sanusi  Read More →

One of the main ingredients of SNE Natural Essence,  Macromolecular Mucopolysaccharides, strengthens DNA and RNA proteins in the blood. Macromolecular Mucopolysaccharides boost many anti-cancer active ingredients, such as organic acid, b-carotene,... Read more »

Clinical Studies on Cancer

Harbin Medical University  Clinical Studies 1 The third hospital (Provincial Tumor Hospital) of Harbin Medical University tested SNE Natural Essence supplement on 100 tumor patients in a clinical trial. Clinical observation showed SNE Natural Essence... Read more »

Nose Cancer 鼻咽癌 (Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma)

Lee Cheng Kian was suffering for 12 years on Nose Cancer 鼻咽癌 (Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma), he felt very tired, body itchy and hungry very quickly. Fortunately for him, he came across SNE through friend recommendation.   眼痛/ 头痛/ 失聪... Read more »

Colon Cancer Video Testimony

Mdm Koo, age 41, in 2006 was diagnosed of severe 2nd stage colon cancer. She went through 3 times operation in 2007. Find out more how she manage to overcome her health challenges yourself.  Read More →

Cancer: Mouth / Oral

Mr Chua, age 70, was suffering from Oral Cancer and was told that his tongue had to be cut off. He was not confident in this procedure. He did not want to go under the knife. 4 doctors called his son to check why he did not want to undergo the surgery.... Read more »

Breast Cancer Video Testimony

Puan Normah suffered from Breast Cancer, see how she overcame her health challenges.  Read More →

Chemical found in deodorants, face cream and food products is discovered in tumours of ALL breast cancer patients Parabens are a chemical compound found in everyday toiletry products 'The fact that parabens were present in so many of the breast tissue... Read more »

Bone Cancer

Mr. Liew was suffering from Bone Cancer, dimension was of about 4 x 3.8 cm, like that of a tennis ball size. He has 4 children and life seems to be hopeless to him. A bread vendor out of good heart informing her sister that his neighbor was also suffering... Read more »

Nose Cancer

Joseph Ugil from Tambunan, Sabah was suffering from nose cancer in August 2007. He was very grateful to SNE and its management team as well as Puan Kelly who has recommended the SNE products to me and more…  Read More →

Blood Cancer – Leukemia

Abd Rahman related to us concerning her daugher who suffered from Leukemia –  blood cancer. He is not here to seek sympathy nor talking carp but to …  Read More →