When Sick, It Helps to Heal; When Healthy, it's a Supplement

Clinical Studies on Cancer

Harbin Medical University  Clinical Studies 1 The third hospital (Provincial Tumor Hospital) of Harbin Medical University tested SNE Natural Essence supplement on 100 tumor patients in a clinical trial. Clinical observation showed SNE Natural Essence... Read more »

Mr Cheong Hong Hook   If not because of SNE, I would not be able to see you people. In 2011, I suffered from end-stage liver cancer. I went to Gleneagle Hospital for consultation and was told that I had an end-stage liver cancer. Then... Read more »

When diagnosed of Cancer, avoid the intake of Sugar and use SNE Inner Mongolia Wild Grown Seabuckthorn Formulated Products for treatment. Stay optimistic alwasy and Never, Never, Never give up hope. 当诊断为癌症时,避免摄入糖,并使用SNE内蒙古野生生沙棘配方产品进行治疗。保持乐观和永不放弃希望。 May... Read more »