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淋巴癌 (第3期) 2011 3rd stage Lymphoma Cancer 2014怀孕 Conceived in 2014

患病 : 2011年发现癌症 Diagnosed  of cancer 2011 患病期间 : 32次电疗/ 6次化疗 32 times Radio & 6 times Chemotherapy 疾病 : 淋巴癌 (第3期) 3rd stage Lymphoma Cancer 病状 : 造血慢/全身没力/ 没法自造唾液 Slow... Read more »

Lymphoma Cancer

What is lymphoma? A professional medical film explaining lymphatic cancer. Lymphoma Cancer Mar 2013 Sharing Lymphoma is a type of blood cancer that occurs when B or T lymphocytes the white blood cells that form a part... Read more »

Lymphoma Cancer

Muhd Akkayyah, age 17 was suffering from stage 4 Lymphoma Cancer. Her mother simply could not take it. … For more information, visit or call Stanley +6012 30 215 88 or Annie +6012 6368 171  Read More →

      Do foam cups contain cancer-causing chemicals? Leading panel says styrene may be a 'human carcinogen'   Styrene can be 'reasonably anticipated to be a human carcinogen' Conclusion reached by 10 leading... Read more »

When diagnosed of Cancer, avoid the intake of Sugar and use SNE Inner Mongolia Wild Grown Seabuckthorn Formulated Products for treatment. Stay optimistic alwasy and Never, Never, Never give up hope. 当诊断为癌症时,避免摄入糖,并使用SNE内蒙古野生生沙棘配方产品进行治疗。保持乐观和永不放弃希望。 May... Read more »