When Sick, It Helps to Heal; When Healthy, it's a Supplement

SNE Rebond Essence – The Bone Food

For More Information  English  Chinese  Bahasa Malaysia Everyone of us has bones. Where there are bones, there will be pain. It is a matter of time. No one loves pain. Proper understanding and handling of our health is critical to... Read more »

Chronic Kidney Disease & Diabetes

En Abdul Aziz was suffering form Chronic Kidney Failure and Diabetes. He has undergone Kidney Dialysis for 3 months. Let us listen to him and his spouse how SNE and Vital+ Essence have come to his rescue. For more information, visit  or... Read more »

SNE Seabuckthorn – Fatigue, High Cholesterol

Husband was having Ear problem for years and she was having high cholesterol issue and struggling for 4 years with this cholesterol problem, having difficulty in breathing, having chest pain and vomitting issues, indigestion, could not sleep properly... Read more »

Sex and Kidney Health 要养身就要保养肾精 – 色对当代青少年的损伤

孔老夫子,在两千多年前《论语》里面曾跟大家告诫过,他说:「年少之时, 血气未定,戒之在色」 More than 2000 years ago, Confucius warned, “When we are youthful, blood flood within is dynamic, beware of sex.” 古人曾经说过,「万恶淫为首,百善孝为先。」 An... Read more »

Pansulin vs Insulin Penyelamat Kencing Manis

[ENGLISH] PANSULIN Apakah itu Pansulin? Pansulin adalah salah satu minuman kesihatan yang  menggunakan polipeptida sebagai bahan utama dan di estrak menggunakan  teknologi daripada  peria yang terpilih. Polipeptida telah dipatenkan... Read more »