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Hepatitis B Carrier and Stone

Name: Dol Basir Bin Haji Nordin Age: 53 years old Health Challenges:- He was a Hepatitis B carrier, swelling of heart, swelling of face, swelling of leg with black mark, stone growth and  frequent fever. Product Consumption: 2 capsules each of... Read more »

Hepetitis B Carrier

Mr. Wee was a Hepatitis B Carrier. It was my cousin brother who recommended me the product. He told me this product is very good. He said it was suitable for everything. I asked what about shoulder pain… This website is intended solely for... Read more »

SNE Seabuckthorn Pylori – Hepatatis B Carrier – Ear Fluid Imbalance – Back Aching

When immune system is weaken, we are proned to bacteria and virus infections.                 Seabuckthorn contains abundant of antioxidants that are capable to enhance our immune system.                   Meng... Read more »