When Sick, It Helps to Heal; When Healthy, it's a Supplement

2-bulan baby Mohamad paru diserang oleh virus under kondition kritikal, berada di ICU selama 12 hari apabila kawan ibu dia, Anggun recommend dia di beri SNE kapsule.Tetapi dia masih ada di ICU, memang tidak ada peluang hendak di beri dia makan. Anggun... Read more »

I am having viral infection, felt tired, having running nose, coughing, have some degree of fever, what should I do? Viral illnesses are the most common cause of upper respiratory symptoms. Symptoms of a viral illness often appear over several hours without... Read more »

Sofia, age 58, suffered from blood bacteria infection, her body was totally without strength and was admitted to hospital as an emergency case, she also lost her sense of smelling. Let us welcome Sofia to share. “SNE trully is very good! Over the... Read more »