When Sick, It Helps to Heal; When Healthy, it's a Supplement

SNE Migraine, Live, Kidney and Backbone Issues

Another miracle case has happened to our good friend Suresh, a sound engineer, who suffered from Migraine since 1995, liver and kindney problems and backbone issue since 2003, it is her mother who has benefitted from SNE products that introduce him to... Read more »

Weak Kidneys, Migraine, Gastric and Hormone Imbalance Issues

Noorain was suffering from weak kidneys, migraine, gastric, and hormone imbalance health challenges for 12 long years.  She overcame her problems with SNE (2 each in the morning) , Artercardy and Beutskin. This website is intended solely for the... Read more »

Migraine, Depression, Weak Heart/Kidney, Liver Issues

Fish Kee was suffering from Depression for over 20 years. Life was miserable. She devloped other health challenges such as Migraine, Weak Heart/Kidney and Liver for more than 5 years. She was so blessed to come accross SNE and its products. She be-by... Read more »

Asthma, Numbness of the legs and Migraine

Ustaz Mohd Zukhi,from Negeri Sembilan was suffering from Asthma, Numbness of the legs and Migraine for seven years. He overcame his health challenges by consuming two capsules each (morning and night). This website is intended solely for the purpose... Read more »

Migraine, Gastric, Sinus, Eye Itchiness, Irregular Peroids, Felt Cold at Night

Kwai Lian, age 43, from Bentong was suffering from Migraine, Gastric, Sinus, Eye Itchiness, Irregular Peroids, Felt Cold at Night for ten years. She managed to overcome her health challenges by consuming ten capsules of SNE daily for four months.  This... Read more »

SNE Dr Noor Sharing 16032014

She inherited diabetes, suffer high blood pressure and high cholesterol, injured her L3 and L4 and having ovary cysts, the bigger one was of 4 cm in size…    Read More →

Skin Baterial Infection, Burnt and Migrane

Ms Ooi was suffering from Skin Baterial Infection, Burnt and Migrane. Bacterial infection caused her skin to be itchy, from head to toe. …  Read More →

Asthma and Migraine

"My parent-in-law and others have given me faith to believe in the SNE Products. I was suffering from Asthma problem for 7 years. Everyday and everywhere I go, I carried the inhaler because I needed …," Ustaz.  Read More →

Irregular Menses, Migraine, Sinusitis, 月经不规律、偏头痛、鼻敏感

Cik Nur Afiza, a teacher from Senawang has her 1st menses when she was in form 1…  Read More →

Siti Aminah Sharing 120811 on Sembelit, Batuk, Obes, Kaki Sakit, Migrain

Siti Animah sharing her health experiences with SNE products. How she surprisingly and not intentionally lost weight from 86 kg to 66 kg, how she miraculously fast overcome her constipation after consuming SNE and Exceltea and more…  Read More →

Bell/s Palsy, Migraine and Constipation

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Migraine, Sinuses, Low Blood Pressure and Acne Issues

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Rosnah was suffering from Migraine, Sinuses and Acne problems and low Blood Pressure and see for yourself how SNE Products have helped here overcome her health challenges …  Read More →