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Is SNE capsule safe for Pregnant Ladies?

  SNE capsule is safe for pregnant ladies. SNE capsule is 100% from natural plant source and high in omega 3, 6, 9 and amino acids. In fact, it is good for baby brain development and enhance immune system. Vitamin B12, vitamin B12 or vitamin... Read more »

淋巴癌 (第3期) 2011 3rd stage Lymphoma Cancer 2014怀孕 Conceived in 2014

患病 : 2011年发现癌症 Diagnosed  of cancer 2011 患病期间 : 32次电疗/ 6次化疗 32 times Radio & 6 times Chemotherapy 疾病 : 淋巴癌 (第3期) 3rd stage Lymphoma Cancer 病状 : 造血慢/全身没力/ 没法自造唾液 Slow... Read more »

Seabuckthorn seed oil is high in folic acid and nucleic acid which are two important vitamins for fetus growth. SNE does contain both water & oil soluble vitamins. Just make sure pregnant women eat at least six capsules of SNE capsules daily as they... Read more »