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Everyone of us has bones. Where there are bones, there will be pain. It is a matter of time. No one loves pain. Proper understanding and handling of our health is critical to avoid the unncesssary pain. The greatest gift that we can give to our parents is a life of no unnecessary pain.

Healthy Bones Begin with Knowledge

Bone health is not mainly linked to Calcium. 


"Calcium" is the first word that appears in everyone's mind when  "bone diseases" is mentioned. In today's society, it is a wide practice and social phenomenon to supplement one's daily diet with calcium. However, our BONE HEALTH IS NOT, and should not be linked to calcium alone. The truth is, bone diseases hold deeper complications than we all know. It is time for us to dispel the myths among the truths about bone diseases.

Calcium is one of the essential nutrients in the human body. Calcium is  an imperative nutrient for bone health and it is involved in many metabolic functions of the body. 99% of the calcium in our body is stored in our bones. It strengthens our bones to support the entire body structure. When calcium deficiency does develop, the parathyroid hormone acts to transfer calcium from our bones, as an emergency supply for our blood and soft tissues. This stripes our bones of the calcium and in turn, weakens our them., leading to an increased risk of bone disease and osteoporosis, However, EXCESSIVE CONSUMPTION OF CALCIUM MAY CAUSE KIDNEY STONES.  It may also lead to a potentially serious condition called hypercalcaemia, which is characterized by constipation. Prolonged excessive calcium intake may cause the deterioration of bone quality whcih leads to britle bones and fracture.

We must understand that not all bone diseases are related to calcium. Therefore, replenishing calcium blindly is not a treatment for bone diseases. Excessive calcium intake will cause the onset of other complication. Remember, bone health is not mainly linked to calcium.





The 4 Symptoms of Bone  Diseases


Rheumatism tops the list of bone diseases, and is closely related to ageing, reauma, inflammation, obesity, hereditary metabolic disorder, lifestyle, climate and environment. Timely diagnosis of the disease prompts immediate action. Therefore, how can we determine if we are suffering from bone diseases?

  1. Are your joint movements restricted? For example, some of your joints begin to be less flexible in movement.
  2. Are you suffering from stiff joints? For example, your hands and feet feel stiff, aching and uncomfortable when you are in a prolonged sedentary posture
  3. Are your joints squeaking or popping or giving out any other sounds? This is because during the advanced stages of joint inflammation, one will experience articular cartilage degeneration and fragmentation, causing the cartilage to be exposed and grind against each other.
  4. Are your joints swelling and deformed? When the joints are transmuted, the synovial membrance will also be inflammed. Many nerve endings located at the synovial membrance are pain sensors, and after the pain signals are delivered to the cerebral cortex, the synovium will secrete more synovial fluid to lubricate and nourish the damaged synovial tissue. Excess synovial fluid weeping from inflamed synovium can cause swelling and increases pain at the affected area, causing difficulty in moving the joints. 

When we experience the above symptoms, we are suffering from bone diseases. Do not hestitate, "Rebond' now!

Rebond Essence – Developed by World’s Renowned Experts –

Rebond Essence is carefully developed and formulated by a team of renowned experts from YuHandRen Hi-Tech Industrial Co., Lte. Inner Mongolia, in collaboration with the American Cancer Society and Fudan University of Shanghai for over 10 years.

Rebond Essence is produced from total natural plant components based on the latest supercritical CO2 extraction technique. It is combined with the Inner Mongolain wild Seabuckthorn seed oil and Chines herbal compounds to provide and intensive care for damaged joints, alleviates bone problems from its root and restores bone health.

Thousands of clinical tests have produced remarkable results.

4 Majors Uniqueness of Rebond Essence

1.       Perfect Formula, Significant Results

Rebond Essence is produced with a perfect formulation with extracts from the Inner Mongolian wild Seabuckthorn seed oil, Caulis Impatientis balsaminae, Radix Angelicae Sinensis, Rhizomo Liguisticum Chuanxiong Hort, Herba cistanche Deserticola and Crocus Sativus Saffron, It helps to alleviate bone problems from its root, and is supported with remarkable results from thousands of clinical tests

2.       The latest Approach to Bone Care

Rebond Essence is formulated with 100% pure and natural plant components to create a new breakthrough in bone care

3.       Pure and Activated for Fast Absorption

Highly untainted ingredients are process at low temperature to extract its goodness and maintain the high bio-activity of its molecules. It is pure and safe without the presence of impurities for easy absorption and quick results, without any side effects

4.       Produced with Internationally Compliant Hi-technology Which is Safe and Reliable

Rebond Essence is produced using the latest supercritical CO2 extraction technique and combining the GMP compliant state-of-the-art international refining technology for all its ingredients 

Suitable for individual who are suffering from the following diseases or symptoms

  • Arthritis – Joint pain, swelling, deformed joints and squeaky joints
  • Hyperostosis – Excessive or abnormal thickening or growth of bone tissue, friction between joints
  • Meniscus (Cartilage Tear) – Swelling of the knee, popping or clicking within the knee, knee locking
  • Chondromalacia Patella – Anterior knee pain due to irritation of the cartilage on the undersurface of the kneecap, knee seems unusually loose or unstable and one can feel as if the knees are ‘giving way’when one puts weight on it
  • Cervical Spondylosis – Dizziness, headache, palpitations, stiff neck and shoulder pain, limited mobility, tingling and pinprick sensations in your arms, hands legs or feet, numbness pain at hands and feet, loss of muscle strength and muscle atrophy
  • Synovitis & Bursitis – Long-term joint tenderness or pain, swelling and hard lumps with limited movements caused by the inflammation of the synovial membrane or the inflammation of one or more bursae )small sacs) of synovial fluid in the body
  • Periarthritis – Acute pain in shoulder joints with tenderness, stiffness, difficulty in moving the shoulder joints, In some cases, rotational function of the shoulder joints is very much restricted
  • Tenosynnovitis and Ganglion Cyst – Inflammation of the lining of the tendon sheaths that is aggravated with repeated use or irritation, a slow growing, localized swelling, with mild aching and weakness in the affected parts, difficulty in moving the toes and fingers
  • Spinal disc herniation – Lower back pain that will radiate into the regions served by affected nerve roots, numbness, tingling, muscular weakness, paralysis paresthesia, abd affections of reflexes
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis – Usually affects the major joints such as the wrists. Shoulders, ankles, knees, hips, and fingers. Joint are often swollen feel warm, tender and stiff
  • Individuals who are prone to sprains. Individuals who suffer from back ache and bloating, especially upon waking up in the morning ir prolonged sedentary posture
  • Individual who go barefoot at home, individuals who are fond of taking cold showers and drinking cold beverages, and individuals with unhealthy lifestyles
  • Individuals with irregular meal time, picky eaters and individuals who are suffering from calcium and nutrient deficiency

Recommended for

Overweight or obese individuals

  • Those that lack of Exercise
  • Smoker
  • Male above 50 years oldView Post
  • Female above 30 years old
  • Those who are deficient in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamin D

Rebond Essence 4 Steps to Bone Health

Stage 1

Alleviates Arthritis Symptoms 

Its anti-inflammatory and analgesic composition helps alleviate pain rapidly and improves joint functions. It aids in reducing inflammation caused by arthritis while simultaneously dissolving the accumulation of fibrin at the inflamed part by inhibiting its inflammation

Stage 2

Repairs Cartilage Tissues

Reduces joint cartilage wear and simulates the repair of damaged cartilage. It accelerates the formation of osseine to improve synovial fluid viscosity, thus improving joint functions

Stage 3

Conserves Joint Cartilage

Contains natural chondroitin, rapidly absorbs and maintains moisture, provides nutrients to the cartilage and promotes bone healing. It displays remarkable results in alleviating arthritis symptoms symptoms and bone spurs

Stage 4

Increase Bone Density

Provides essential minerals lacking from from our daily dietary intake for healthy bone growth and increases bone density. It also promotes the biosynthesis of bone collagen and restore bone health 


Rebond Essence – Main Ingredients






 Product Name: Rebond Essence

Product Code: 10034
Weight: 500mg x 60 capsules
Ministry of Health Registration No.: MAL11030124TR
Price : RM265.00 (SP) Member Price RM210 (including GST)
View MAL Certificate

Developed and formulated by a team of experts from YuHangRen Hi-Tech Industrial Co., Ltd Inner Mongolia, in collaboration
with the American Cancer Society and the Fudan University of Shanghai for over 10 years
Produced from 100% natural plant components based on the latest Supercritical CO2 Extractive Technique and compliant
with GMP standards
High purity ingredients, safe and without the presence of impurities, extracted at low temperature to ensure high bioactivity
Aids in maintaining joint’s health
  Dosage : 
Adults : 2 capsules each time, 2 times daily

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