When Sick, It Helps to Heal; When Healthy, it's a Supplement


                      Beutskin Essence* Antara artis yang mengamalkan Beutskin Essence ini ialah Adira AF, Isma AF, Saida AF (Kakak Dato Siti) dan Rozie (Kakak ipar Dato Siti) dan lain-lain lagi… “Saya... Read more »

BEUTSKIN ESSENCE rahsia kecantikan Adira AF

SNE, BEUTSKIN ESSENCE dan EXCEL TEA Rahsia untuk Kulit Lebih Cerah, Mulus, Gebu dan Awet Muda selalu.. Efektif, Selamat dan Tanpa Sebarang Keraguan.   Dos Beutskin yang perlu diambil :Dewasa : 2 kapsul sehari, 2 kali sehari sebelum makan 5... Read more »

Seabuckthorn Seed Oil, Omega 7 and Slimming

Studies featured highlight the amazing weight loss experienced with the rare Omega 7 from the seabuckthorn fruit oil. When we  are concerned about our weight we may want to start with Seabuckthorn Seed Oil Capsules which contain the purest and richest... Read more »

Slimming Makes Effective

Pictures Speak, Safe and Effective Slimming    Read More →

Modifies the Statistics of Human Body Weight   8 Needy Groups 1. Individual Concerns about Body Image 2. Individual Seeks for Healthy Slimming 3. Slow Metabolism Aging Groups 4. Individual Gains Weight After Marriage 5.Woman... Read more »

  Cancer Prevention and Treatment: Can Sea Buckthorn Help? Sea buckthorn is a possible remedy for cancer, diabetes, thrombosis and inflammation, according to a recent study from the University of Manitoba (DOI:10.1016/j.jff.2011.01.001). Researchers... Read more »

Dear Dr. Stanley,   Thank you for your prompt reply.   No sir I'm not on any medication or facing health issue. I just need to shed off  few extra kilos from my current weight. By the way how long should I see promising... Read more »

12 Kinds of Food to Take Away Your Excess Fat 12种食物狂吸走你多余脂肪

A 50-year-old woman with a 16-year-old face, the reason turned out to be … 50岁的女人,长着一张16岁的脸,原因竟然是。。。 50岁依然保持童颜,身材甚至赛过20多岁妙龄少女,山田佳子是如何做到的呢? 近日,在日本国民美魔女比赛中获得第一名的49岁山田佳子参加韩国某综艺节目,跟观众分享了保持童颜的秘诀。 12... Read more »

Obesity is the source of all diseases 肥胖是万病之源

  很多人都不知道自己是不是属于肥胖人群,这里教大家一个自我检测的 方法: 男性标准体重:身高-105 女性标准体重:身高-107.5 (这里得出的数据单位为公斤) 目前医学界认为,当一个人的体重超过标准体重的10%时,称为超重,... Read more »

Not taking breakfast 不吃早餐 Eating too much at night 晚餐太丰盛 Addicted to Drinking Coffee 嗜饮咖啡 Using Insulated Mug in Boiling Tea 保温杯泡茶 Taking Fruits as a Staple 水果当主食; 6:进食速度太快。  Read More →

When you are insulin resistant your body is more inclined to store the calories youeat as fat rather than burn them as fuel.   Read More →