When Sick, It Helps to Heal; When Healthy, it's a Supplement

How a stroke patient manage to gain back his health with SNE and Artercardy Essence

An unbelievable experience, filled with sincerity and truth, a true feeling of love. Do you that you truly can benefit from the following video and spread the goodness of SNE products around.  Read More →

Stroke, Diabetes and Hypertension

Name :  Mahabobak Bt. Dawood Shahid Age    :  50 years old Health Problems: Diabetes, Hypertension and suffering from stroke resulted paralysis on the right side of her body till she lost her voice. Product Consumption: 5 capsules... Read more »

Diabetes, Numbness and Stroke

Name:- Shanipah bt Darus Age:- 58 years old Sickness:- Suffering from Diabetes and Numbness for 7 years. While having Stroke for 1 year, able to walk abnormally, numbness of hand, could not   fully grasp things. Consumption Dosages:- Begin... Read more »

Stroke – Deddy Marizan

Name: Deddy Marizan Umur: 43 tahun Suffering: Stroke for 2 months (Jan 2010). Cannot walk without supports and mouth still slanting Dosage: Begin with SNE Capsule and Artecardy on 7th March 2010 Eight capsules morning and night daily. On 3rd April,... Read more »

Stroke, Kidney, Diabetes, Gout and Uric Acid Issues Uncle Tan Video Testimony age Sixty and Sixty-Four

Uncle Tan Wan Tong was the bodyguard of Tan Sri Lee Kim Sai, weighing 230 pounds then. At age Fifty-Seven, his body failed him. He suffered from kidney, diabetes, gout and stroke problems. By the time he was age Sixty, he weighed only Ninety-Eight pounds.... Read more »

Stroke Video Testimony

Zainuddin suffered from a severe stroke on the Eighteenth, April 2010 at three pm. He was sent to HUKM hospital emergency treatement by four pm. There was little hope for his discovery, according to the doctor. Miracle happened! By nine pm he was able... Read more »

Stroke, Hypertension, Diabetes, Heart Attack

Mr. Liew, age 71, suffered from Stroke, Hypertension, Diabetes, Heart Attack. When he suffered from severe stroke, his right hand and leg could not even moved….. After the 1st recovery, and had 3 more attacked by stroke …  Read More →

Stroke Video Testimony

Kak Jean apologized that she could not speak clearly. She suffered from stroke was three weeks ago. She could not speak, eat or drink and was sent to Tawakal Hospital. She was in ICU for two weeks. Her friend Mr. Lai came to visit her and gave her SNE.... Read more »

Stroke, Dysphasia, Weak Memory

This website is intended solely for the purpose of information. It is not intended to diagnose, prescribe or cure any disease. Though we do hope it will help you if you are looking for direction and answers.  This does not constitute medical... Read more »

Stroke and Hypertension

 Zamrey, age 52, suffered from a stroke and warded at the hospital. When he was discharged from the hospital, Puan Masitah encouraged his to take SNE Capsule… This website is intended solely for the purpose of information. It is not intended... Read more »

Hypertension, Strokes and Dementia

Mr Lew had 3 stroke attacks. The first time was in 2002. It was a minor stroke. He was partially paralyzed. He could not walk roughly for a month. In 2008 …    Read More →

Serious Gastric Problem, Thyroid,  Arteries Block, Jab Kok Leong and Uncle Tan

  Jab Kok Leong,  Age  61 from Kampung Pasir Baru   Health Challenges: 消化不良 / 常呕吐 / 难入眠/贫血/ 大劲包 / 尿酸/ 糖尿病 / 血管阻塞 Poor digestion / Vomit often / Unable to Sleep / Anemia /Thyroid... Read more »

Brief Introduction: Blood supply to brain was affected, affecting part of the brain’s function; Rapid onset of illness, comes ferociously, health condition decline rapidly. Causes: Hypertension, cerebral arteriosclerosis; Emotional or mental... Read more »