When Sick, It Helps to Heal; When Healthy, it's a Supplement

Zainuddin suffered from a severe stroke on the Eighteenth, April 2010 at three pm. He was sent to HUKM hospital emergency treatement by four pm. There was little hope for his discovery, according to the doctor. Miracle happened! By nine pm he was able to lift his hand and went to the toilet himself. Doctor-in-charge could not believe in what he witnessed. He requested for immediate discharge and transfer to another hospital. The next day he was certified healthy and cleared of blood clog on the right side of his brain. How could he possibly overcome his stroke problem so fast? Listen to his story…

His Product Consumption: SNE and Artercardy

Phrase 1: During the initial five hours of stroke, he consumed three boxes of SNE and three boxes of Artercardy

Phrase 2: On the next day, he consumed Ten each of the SNE and Artercardy capsules in the morning, ten in the afternoon and ten at night

Phrase 3: Thereafter, four each of SNE and Artercardy capsules in the morning and at night

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