When Sick, It Helps to Heal; When Healthy, it's a Supplement

Thyroid Video Testimony

Alice suffered from Thyroid problems for more that 12 years. During that duration, she led a miserable life, she was practically waiting to die everyday. She suffered from depression. Everyday, looking for people to quarrel with. Her hands and legs were... Read more »

Serious Gastric Problem, Thyroid,  Arteries Block, Jab Kok Leong and Uncle Tan

  Jab Kok Leong,  Age  61 from Kampung Pasir Baru   Health Challenges: 消化不良 / 常呕吐 / 难入眠/贫血/ 大劲包 / 尿酸/ 糖尿病 / 血管阻塞 Poor digestion / Vomit often / Unable to Sleep / Anemia /Thyroid... Read more »

Feel compel to share with people at large on the goodness of seabuckthorn

Feel compel to share with people at large on the goodness of seabuckthorn.   A search of the word "Seabuckthorn, Sea Buckthorn" at google will give you more that 1,500,000 pages and the word 沙棘 will give you more than3,000,000... Read more »

Thyroid Issues 甲状腺问题

Are you one of those people who often experiences fatigue and laziness for no reason despite daily sleep requirements are fulfilled? Do you find it difficult to tolerate cold like never before, wanting to wear sweaters when everybody else is sweating... Read more »

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