When Sick, It Helps to Heal; When Healthy, it's a Supplement

SNE Dr Noor Sharing 16032014

She inherited diabetes, suffer high blood pressure and high cholesterol, injured her L3 and L4 and having ovary cysts, the bigger one was of 4 cm in size…    Read More →

Urethra Tumour, Anglemphraxis, Cholesterolemia, 疾病: 尿道生水瘤、血管阻塞、胆固醇

Diseases: Urethra Tumour, Anglemphraxis, Cholesterolemia, 疾病: 尿道生水瘤、血管阻塞、胆固醇    Read More →

SNE Fibroid

Tumor is a universal women's disease, affecting 5 to 10 percent of the women! Other than using surgery for its removal, there is no other way! Fortunately, we have the Super Nutrient Essence (SNE), after taking SNE, the tumors disappear! Let us share... Read more »

SNE Seabuckthorn: Fibroid, Skin Fugus, Sinus

Pang Ah Yaw had fibroid. This year July she went to hospital and her gynecologist told her that got fibroid. This could due to hereditary as her mother also had undergone surgery to remove her fibroid …  Read More →

SNE Fibroid

In Sept last year Lee Liew Eng fell ill for 15 days. She had fever of 39 degree Celsius for 15 days. She went to see doctors and after seeing many, she ..  Read More →