When Sick, It Helps to Heal; When Healthy, it's a Supplement

SNE Seabuckthorn Seed Oil Formulation SNE 天地精华沙棘种籽油配方

For Further Information English  Chinese  Bahasa Malaysia SNE Capsule combines the bio-essence of Seabuckthorn Seed Oil and Bio-active Mucopolyscchrides as its main active ingredients, extracted and refined utilizing Supercritical Carbon Dioxide... Read more »

Parkinson's Disease帕金森氏病 is a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system. The motor symptoms of Parkinson's disease result from the death of dopamine-generating (a simple organic chemical)  cells in the substantial... Read more »

Tracing consmonaut Yurl Gagarin became the first human to travel to space in 1961. In order to overcome the damages caused by cosmic radiation, sudden change of temperature, weightlessness and harsh environment which eventually cause trouble to our immune... Read more »


  Sinuses are the hollow air spaces within the bones between eyes, behind cheekbone and forehead.     Sinuses will produce mucus, which helps keep the inside of our nose moist. Possible function of sinuses such as immunological defence,... Read more »

How SNE and Artercardy Essence saved the life of Mr Khor Swee Leong who was diagnosed of 3 Arteries Blockage

Doing his good friend a favor, Mr Khor sent his friend and daughter to hospital. Unfortunately upon arriving at the hospital, he felt discomfort at the chest area and later he collapsed. … Partially in Chinese and partially in Bahasa Malaysia –... Read more »

Kenapa makan Beutskin jerawat makin banyak keluar? Ada keluar ruam? Pening? Keputihan makin banyak? Dan ada yang kulit makin gelap? Pernah mengalami masalah di atas?? Jangan risau…semuanya bukan negative effect..tapi ia dipanggil HEALING CRISIS... Read more »

For Wellness and Beuaty Daily Maintenance, consume The Seabuckthorn Three Treasures. Give yourself a duration of 3 months to experience major health transformation. 1. Seabcukthorn Fruit 沙棘果子配方- SeabuckActiv Reduces damages caused by toxin... Read more »

Effects of SNE Capsules SNE天地精华效果对照

Duration Expected Effects Indications 1st Course 1st 30 Days ·      Radiant and rosy complexion ·      Improved sleep quality ·      Enhanced... Read more »

SNE天地精华是何物? SNE天地精华以活性高分子生物黏多糖与活性细胞结构因子作为主要功效成份,辅以野生沙棘籽油,採用超临界CO2萃取,方离技术提练萃取的生物精华物质,再运用生物工程''酉酶速解"的新工艺,首次将二种营养成份相结合精制而成。以最优化组合的天然成份,达到符合人体必须物质的特殊配比,发挥其药理,药效作用。  活性高分子生物黏多糖又是什么? 它是人体组织细胞中不可缺少的物质,具有增强机体免疫力,耐缺氣能力,消除自由基,养肝解毒,提高肝脏,骨髓,血液合成DNA,RNA疍白质的能力,抗肿瘤,抗辐射、改善皮肤老化、脏腑老化及延年益寿。  SNE天地精华还有什么主要生物成份? 1.    ... Read more »