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Pharmacological effects of Artercardy Essence

1.       Inhibits the formation of thrombus within the cardio-cerebral vascularity and rapidly dissolves thrombus.

2.       Promotes the patency of occluded blood vessels, provides better restorative effects on ruptured cerebral capillaries, activates and nourishes  brain cells and restores blocked neurotransmission system of the brain.

3.       Combats ageing factors and free radicals in the body and prevents cerebral atherosclerosis.

4.       Completely eliminates vascular waste products and effectively protects the heart, brain and kidneys. 

3 Activating Factors for 5 Healing Effects. Its active factors are 100% plant extracts:

1.Extraction of solcoseryl factors: Eliminates calcified thrombus, enhances blood circulation, repairs the blood vessels’ endothelial cells and prevents the transformation of atherosclerosis into arterial thrombosis

2.Extraction of cerebrolysin:  Improves cerebral blood and oxygen supply, promotes the regeneration of cerebral cells.

3.Extraction of heart rejuvenating factors:  Improves myocardial blood supply, enhances myocardial contractions, alleviates coronary arteriosclerosis and promotes the regeneration of myocardial cells. 

The 3 Activating Factors will achieve its 6 rejuvenating effects:

Simultaneous activation of the blood, brain, blood vessels, heart, nerves and immune system.  During the formulation of Artercardy Essence, the research team conducted repeated demonstrations and experiments, and proposedthe combination of blood cleansing, blood nourishing, blood activating, blood enhancing, blood replenishing properties in the treatment and prevention of cardio-cerebrovascular diseases.

5 Major Breakthroughs

Breakthrough 1: Blood Cleansing – Rapidly dissolves thrombus, lowers plasma lipid levels and eliminates deposits within the blood vessels to restore the elasticity of sclerosed blood vessel and its patency.

Breakthrough 2: Blood Nourishing – Conditions the liver and kidneys, purifies blood, increases the formation of red blood cells and hemoglobin, rapidly alleviates symptoms such as dizziness, insomnia, palpitations, chest discomfort, etc; and stabilizes blood pressure.

Breakthrough 3: Blood Activating – Activates the myocardial cells for the regeneration and repair of damaged cells, thus reducing cardiac stress.

Breakthrough 4:  Blood Enhancing – Promotes the regeneration of blood capillaries, enhances blood circulation to restore regulatory functions.

Breakthrough 5: Blood Replenishing – Dissolves thrombus, repairs vascular walls and improves blood flow and velocity. It also promotes the regeneration of blood capillaries and activates the regeneration of blood cells to enhance the blood.

6 Major Effects

1) Softening of blood vessels: Increases HDL levels in the blood, markedly reduces plasma lipid levels and softens sclerosed blood vessels caused by hypertension.

2) Lowers blood pressure, plasma lipid levels and blood  viscosity: Lowers cholesterol levels, improves blood flow, inhibits the aggregation of platelets and reduces blood viscosity.

3) Restores damaged organs caused by high blood pressure : Softens micro-vessels to balance the demand and supply of blood and oxygen of targeted organs, improves metabolic levels, increases the functions of targeted organs and reduces cardiac stress.

4) Acts directly on blood vessels and internal organs  without rebound: Its active ingredients act directly on blood vessels and internal organs to achieve normal and stable blood pressure without rebound.

5) 100% active ingredients, rapid effects: Effective in cardio-cerebrovascular treatments with rapid effects; it is safe and reliable, and does not cause any side effects.

6) Cures the disease from its etiology and symptoms: Treats the root cause of the disease, lowers plasma lipid levels and blood viscosity, prevents arteriosclerosis and pathological changes in organs.

6 Major Characteristics

1) Breaks down fat molecules, rapidly dissolves thrombus within   the blood vessels

2) Stimulates brain cells, restores the neurotransmission system  of the brain

3) Restores body functions, speech and enhances memory

4) Dissolves thrombus and blood stasis, lowers blood viscosity

5) Concentrated plant essence is rapidly absorbed with effective results

6) Regular consumption ensures recovery without risk of relapse

Effects of Artercardy Essence

First course: Therapeutic period – Eliminates toxin in the blood, stabilizes the blood pressure

Second course: Restorative period – Conditions the internal organs, improves the elasticity of blood vessels

Third course: Consolidation period – Reduced plasma lipid levels, prolonged stabilization of blood pressure 

Main Factors

  1. Promotes healthy blood vessels
  2. Enhances brain functions
  3. Protects the heart

Wonderful for

  1. Unique ability to soften hardened blood vessels
  2. Assists in lowering blood pressure, plasma lipid levels and blood viscosity
  3. Effectively restores damage caused by hypertension on targeted organs
  4. Acts directly on blood vessels and visceral organs without rebound
  5. 100% bio-active ingredients, delivering fast effects
  6. Alleviates signs, symptoms and treats the root cause of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

artercardy essence

Each 500mg capsule contains

·         Hippophae Rhamnoides Seed Oil  沙棘籽油130mg

·         Ganoderma Lucidum Spore Oil灵芝孢子粉油  100mg

·         Linum Usitatissimum Oil亚麻油 80gm

·         Carthamus Tinctorious Oil红花石油 60mg

·         Glycine Max Merr Extract大豆提取物梅尔 60mg

·         Folium Apocyni Veneti  罗布麻 30mg

·         Grapeseed (Vitis Vinifera) Oil葡萄籽油20mg

·         Semen Cassiae Obtusifolia决明子 20 mg     

Artercardy Essence Integrates both medical theories of “co-therapy of the heart and brain” and “insufficient blood supply is the source of all diseases”. Protects and repair nervous cells, inhibits death of nervous cells, protects endothelial cells of blood vessel’s wall and myocardial cells, promotes regeneration of vascular anastomosis, improves microcirculation, lowers the risk factors of cardiovascular diseases. (by reducing plasma lipid and blood viscosity as well as stabilizing blood pressure.)

触合了 “心脑同治”、“供血不足乃万病之源”两医学理论。达到保护和修复神经细胞,抑剐神经细胞凋亡,保护血管壁內皮细胞和心肌细胞,促进侧枝循环建立,改善微循环,降低心脑血管疾病危险因素。同时有降低血脂、降血粘、稳定血压的功能。
1. 血管活素因子
2. 脑活素因子
3. 心活素因子
1. 分解脂肪分子,快速溶解血管內血栓
2. 激活大脑细胞,修复脑传导神经系统
3. 恢复身体功能,恢复说话能力和增强记忆
4. 疏通梗塞血管,活血化瘀,降低血粘度
5. 浓缩植物糈华,吸收起效快,效果好
6. 坚持定期服用, 一定好转和不再复犮


Rich in 3 active factors of solcoseryl factors, cerebrolysin factors and heart rejuvenating factors which are 100% plant extracts
Concentrated plant essence, easily absorb by the body
Aids in elimination of metabolic waste products
Promotes blood circulation and balances body system
Utilized sophisticated extraction method Supercritical CO2 Extraction Method
  Dosage : 
Adults : 3 capsules each time, 2 times daily
Product Name : Artercardy Essence
Product Code : 10022

Weight : 500mg x 60 capsules

Ministry of Health Registration No. : MAL08031424TR
Price : RM265.00 (SP) Member Price RM211 (including GST)
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