When Sick, It Helps to Heal; When Healthy, it's a Supplement

An Open Letter to all Fair Ladies…
All women desire to look 10 years younger than their actual age.  Everyone dream of being healthier and more energetic, just as 10 years ago. All of us wish to be a healthy centenarian.
Have you ever wondered why most people do not live to the ripe age of 100 years old? Why are most women susceptible to pigmentation on their faces and certain parts of their body even before the age of 30? Why are there freckles, chloasma and butterfly rashes?Why does the skin become flabby with loss of elasticity, coupled with the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes and mouth shortly after hitting the “Big Three”? Why are some women plagued with a myriad of diseases and illnesses shortly after hitting the “Big Four”; especially ovarian cancer and diseases of the uterus, which may be life threatening if not diagnosed and give the proper treatment on time?
This is because, throughout one’s journey in life, our health, physical appearance and lifespan may be influenced by the environment, our emotions, daily diet, living habits, as well as internal or external factors that deviate from the norm. Working women may suffer from insomnia; frequent dreaming during slumber, reduced memory functions, lack of vital energy, anemia, poor immunity, fatigue, constipation, pale skin, loss of skin luster and elasticity due to frequent late nights, work-related stress and unhealthy diet. The above symptoms are even more obvious especially for women who are frequently using the computer, watching television, using the mobile phone, smoking and drinking. From the middle age onwards, our body will start ageing. Since time immemorial, ageing is not an acceptable phenomenon for most people and all steps are taken to retain beauty and youthfulness with dire consequences. It is indeed, impossible to achieve eternal youth.
Yet today, beyond all dreams, the emergence of Beutskin Essence will eventually transform all impossibilities into reality.
Physiologically, we enjoy optimum health throughout the first 15 years prior to the age of 30 with a perfect figure, firm muscles, resilient skin, strong resistance against diseases and maximum absorptive ability. Once the breakdown of body cells is greater than their synthesis; for example, when the old cells are not replaced by the new growth, one’s fitness starts to deteriorate gradually and inevitably, we are faced with the ruthlessness of ageing…
Why is the breakdown of body cells greater then cell synthesis? According to numerous researches done by the experts in our laboratory, the hormonal secretion of our body declines after the age of 25 years. The overall functions of the body start to diminish, the cell’s electrical charge is insufficient and cells undergo the ageing process. Ageing cells may result in the damage of the dermal fibrous tissues and loss of immunity of the sebaceous membrane. After the age of 40, the body functions decline further.
So, if modern medicine can ensure that the body’s cell breakdown does not exceed its cell synthesis, can we therefore delay ageing as well as achieve eternal beauty and youthfulness? The answer is obvious!
First of all, Beutskin Essence provides sufficient electrical charges for the skin cells to form fission energy reaction within the cells so that the cells are fully energized. This will activate overall body functions, including activating cellular vitality and immunity, and restoring normal metabolic functions with increased hormonal secretion. Once the breakdown of cells is similar to cell synthesis, the onset of ageing is delayed. Thus, beauty and youthfulness are retained. Skin becomes more radiant and resilient. Complexion is enhanced. Health and beauty go hand in hand.
But,  how should we choose an age-defying product that is based on sufficient scientific findings from a wide-range of health care products and cosmetics in today’s market? Is there any product that can help us become healthier, younger-looking and more beautiful without any side effects?
Beutskin Essence, the “Angel of Beautiful Skin” with super platinum ingredients can.
Previously, we have been afraid and ignorant, and were often interrupted, causing us to hesitate and this, incurred great losses.
Today, let us regain our dreams of being young again. Listen to the primitive calling for life; experience the infinite and unlimited miracles of advance technology. Together, we will savor the promises of – Beutskin Essence.
The Complex Development Process of Beutskin Essence
In 1992, on the first day of his arrival in Japan, Dr. Du Xiao Ming, a renowned figure in the Traditional Chinese Medicine community in China, decided to set his scientific research topic as, ‘Ways of Bringing Health, Beauty and Longevity to All Women’.
After 6 years of meticulous research, Dr, Du eventually formulated the first prototype in 1998.
Dr, Du invited renowned experts on pathology and pharmacology in Japan to form a research team to carry out numerous verifications on the interaction between his formulation and the body cells. Finally in 2002, a safe and effective formulation was perfected and was named – Beutskin Essence.
The efficacy and the main ingredients of Beutskin Essence is a major breakthrough and have created waes in the history of Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as in Japan and the worldwide medical community. Dr. Du’s thesis was also published exclusively in the United States.
Dr. Du was constantly introduced to precise medical facilities and the latest technology in Japan and made minor amendments on the formulation of Beutskin Essence in 2005 to further enhance its efficacy.
In early 2006, Beutskin Essence was formally introduced for animal testing and human clinical trial. After over a year of acute and chronic toxicity experiments on animal, Beutskin Essence is proven to be safe, reliable, non-toxic and free of side effects. Human clinical trials done on thousands of people have shown that its efficacy totally coincides with its theory – Beutskin Essence is safe and effective!
Dr. Du strived for constant improvement in the formulation of Beutskin Essence. Over the years, Dr. Du’s and the scientists’ continuous effort have finally emerged victorious over their battle against ageing.
In 2007, the complete formulation of Beutskin Essence was handed over to YuHangRen of Inner Mongolia, China. Dr. Du has also parted ways with Nok Group where he has worked for over 10 years in Japan to join us in creating miracles in the statistics of human age.


The growth period comes to a halt when one reaches 25 years of age. It signifies the onset of ageing… 

The Effectiveness of  Beutskin Essence

  • Balances DNA
  • Aids in detoxification
  • Repairs, restores and reconstructs skin cells

Experience its 4 Major Elements, Enjoy its 5 Major Factors

Beutskin 4 Major Elements  丽芙精华4大元素

•       RPG energy element RPG能量元素

•       Cellular repair and regenerative elements 细胞修复再生元素

•       Intelligent targeted whitening and nourishing elements 智能靶向养护元素

•       Natural skin reconstructing elements 天然皮肤重建元素

Beutskin 5 Major Factors丽芙精华5大因子

•       Stabilized whitening factor稳定美白因子

•       Natural skin enhancing factor天然亮肤因子

•       Skin growth factor皮肤生长因子

•       Gene repairing factor基因修复因子

•       Super antioxidant factor超级抗氧因子

Beutskin 4 Major Functions丽芙精华完成4大功效

  1. Stabilizes the DNA平衡DNA
  2. Cleansing and toxin elimination清毒排毒
  3. The repair and restoration of body functions 修复机能
  4. Reconstruction of skin  for total skin renewal 重塑肌肤

Wonderful for

  1. Detoxify and beautify skin
  2. Restore skin suppleness and elasticity
  3. Anti-aging, reduce fine lines and cell regeneration
  4. Even skin tone ad lighten pigmentation




















延缓衰老 “长寿果” 松果籽油 


延缓衰老 “固体黄金” 蜂蜡






1. 清毒排毒使您无毒一身轻。
2. 修复机能,让您恢复雪白水嫩肌肤。 
3. 重塑肌肤让您肌肤感受重生。



1. RPG能量元素
2. 细胞修复,再生元素
3. 智能靶向养护元素
4. 天然皮肤重建元素


2. 天然亮肤因子
3. 皮肤生长因子
4. 基因修复因子
5. 超级抗氧化因子


















beutskin essence

Beutskin Essence is formed by the unique super ingredient of plant essence, with the used of supercritical CO2 extraction technique, it is able to decompose melanin and yellow pigment of the skin rapidly for whole body whitening and cellular renewal. It promotes metabolism and regulates from inside to achieve healthier body and fairer skin. It also releases active enzymes of cells, effectively inhibit active denaturation and increases vitality of cells so that skin tissues all over body are in normal functional condition.

Product Name: Beutskin Essence
Product Code: 10023

Weight: 500mg x 60 capsules

Ministry of Health Registration No.: MAL08031430TR
Price: RM276.00 (SP) Member RM223 (including GST)
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Enriched with unique super platinum plant essence
100% plant essence which easily absord by body cells
Utilized advance Supercritical CO2 Extraction Method, high concentration with stabilized activity
Promotes metabolism and regulates body system
Promotes skin health through the supply of nutrients to the skin
  Dosage : 
Adults : 2 capsules each time, 2 times daily

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