When Sick, It Helps to Heal; When Healthy, it's a Supplement


"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." – Hippocrates

"Medciational Treatment is not as great as Food Supplementation." HuangDiNeiJing

Good news for those who which to take preventive measure to avoid of being a diabetes or diabetes patients who wish not to be dependent of drugs or insulin for life, Pansulin will be your savior.













Pansulin is an unique and an award-winning formula utilizing bioactive enzyme, polysaccharide and the patented Momordica Charantia Poly Peptide that enhances the body through regulating, stabilizing and lowering blood glucose level.

The only substance besides insulin to be able to bind to the insulin receptor and open up the channel to allow glucose to enter the body cells hence helping the glucose utilization.

Glucose and Lipid Modulation Mechamnisms of Pansulin

Multinational Patented Invention

Excellent Ability to Lower Blood Glucose

Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes Stabilized Insulin Level

Prevention of Type 1 Diabetes and Associated Complications

Excellent for Fat Deduction 

Prevent Blood Fat Formation and Reduce Blood Lipids

Prevent Fatty Liver and Liver Diseases

Anti Inflammatory Effect

Why Pansulin?

Our reliable medical research team spent over 10 years to identify the specific sequence of polypeptide which is capable to activate the insulin receptor, reduce blood glucose and lower glycated haemoglobon. This Blood Glucose Modulating Polypeptide has deen patented in Europe, US, Japan, Taiwan, France, UK, Germary, Italy and Switzerland.

Recognize by the Professional

The publication in the JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL & THE FOOD CHEMISTRY has shown that the patented sequence Pansulin is THE ONLY NATURAL ALTERNATIVE to insulin that can act on the problem of diabetes – the insulin receptor. It can effectively activate the insulin receptor. With this, post meal blood glucose drops 55%and glycated hemoglobin drops by 34%. It restores the normal function of blood glucose modulation with no known adverse effects.

Helps reduce Body Fat, Prevent Fatty Liver and Liver Disease

The experimental data has shown that Pansulin can reduce body fat by 25% in a month and prevents fatty liver and liver disease. It helps in the prevention of body fat accumulation. An experimental data showed that the formation of body fat reduced by 28%, total cholesterol by 36% and triglyceride by 30%.

Protection by the Unique Patented Sequence

The patented sequence Polypeptide also has the anti-inflammatory functions that protects all organs from inflammation associated damage.

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PANSULIN 苦瓜胜肽降糖降脂作用机制











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