When Sick, It Helps to Heal; When Healthy, it's a Supplement

SNE SeaBuck Activ uses the most advanced extractive technology in its preparation to ensure the bioavailability of the active ingredients from natural plants such as Seabuckthorn Pulp, Radix Saussurea, White Raisins, Radix Glycyrrhizae and Fructus Gardeniae that are not compromised. This tasty and refreshing drink is easily absorbed and provides fast, effective detoxification properties, eliminates toxins and heavy metals from the human body, strengthens the immune functions, enhances digestion, prevents infection of the respiratory system, etc. Revitalize and refresh your body, enjoy a healthier life today!


Main Factors

  1. Reduces damages caused by toxin precipitants, alleviates the burden on the entire internal organs 减少毒垢对脏器的腐蚀,减少脏腑负担
  2. Regulates pathological changes in the internal organs removes toxins 防止器官病变,清除毒素
  3. Alleviates symptoms and complications caused by cough, fever and other illnesses 预防咳嗽、感冒等病症,减少并发症
  4. Enhances nutrient and medicine absorption 促进营养品、药品的吸收
  5. Prevents the occurrence of major diseases 预防重大病的发生

Functions 功效

  1. Eradicates toxin precipitants from the lungs, penetrates the lungs rapidly, removes long-termtoxin accumulation thoroughly 迅速分解粘附在肺部的毒垢,并快速渗透至肺郭深层,彻底将长期囤积的毒垢一扫而空
  2. Removes toxin preipitants from the blood vessel walls, transforms toxins into non-toxic acetic acid which will be expelled from the body, alleviating the burden on the liver andkidneys 清除人体血管壁内殘留的毒垢,使各种毒垢转化成无毒乙酸、乙脂排出体外,减少肝肾的负担
  3. Repairs disorders of the central nervous system, improve sleep quality and overall memory functions 恢复紊乱的中枢神经系统,防止烟酒对大脑的神经刺激
  4. Forms a protective membrane on the gastric mucosa, prevents dust, alcohol or other allergens from damaging the gastric mucosa 迅速形成保护膜,覆盖在胃粘膜上,防止烟尘、酒精等刺激物对胃粘膜的伤害
  5. Enhances the stamina functions of cardiac hypoxia patients. Stabilizes blood pressure and regulates the heart beat to prevent abnormal heart functions 提升心脏耐缺氧机能,稳定血压,平稳心率,防止心脏功能异常  

Wonderful for

  1. Individuals who are prone to respiratory tract infections 支气管容易遭细菌侵袭著
  2. Individuals who are under constant stress 长期承受压力者
  3. Individuals suffering from endocrinal system disorder 内分泌失调者
  4. Individuals who eat and drink excessively 暴饮暴食者

4 Main Stages 四大阶段

1 to 6 Days


Starting Period

Mouth dryness, chest tightness, nausea, cough, dizziness, fatigue and insomnia are improved口干舌燥、胸闷、恶心、咳嗽、头昏、乏力、失眠逐渐好转

1st Month




Mouth ulcer, sore throat, chronic cough, excessive phlegm and chest pain are alleviated口腔腐烂、喉咙疼痛、久咳、痰多、胸胁作痛消失

2nd Month





Decomposes toxin accumulation in the lungs, liver, kidneys, intestine and stomach, thoroughly cleanses the blood and cells to achieve a total detoxification of the body深度分解肺、肝、肾、肠胃淤积的毒素对细胞进入深度淋浴,对血液进行深度净化

3rd Month


Protection &



Form a protective membrane within the stomach and intestinal walls, controls the absorption of various toxins, prevents toxins from entering the circulatory system, plays a major role in liver metabolism and helps protects the brain functions在胃壁、肠壁形成一层保护膜,抑制各种毒素的吸收,有效阻止各种毒素进入血液循环系统,直接作用于肝的代谢,保护大脑不受伤害



seabuck activ


p.s. Effective for cough, fever, running nose, sinus, lung infection, gastris, initiate stage of bacteria infection. Take 1 to 2 sachets of it. Take it together with sne. is especially good for people who are fasting.

Dosage : 
Age 3 to 11 : 1/2 sachet each time, 1 time daily
Age 12 and 17 : 1 sachet each time, 1 time daily
Adults : 1 sachet each time, 2 times daily
Dissolve in water, or consume directly for faster results.

Product Name : SeaBuck Activ
Product Code : 10027

Weight : 6g x 15 sachets / box

Price : RM96.00 (SP) Member Price RM80 (including GST)

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