When Sick, It Helps to Heal; When Healthy, it's a Supplement

Seabuckthorn – The Gift of Health

What is Seabuckthorn?   Seabuckthorn  has been used medicinally in Asia and Europe for hundreds of years, where its health benefits are renowned.    Seabuckthorn is an ancient crop with modern virtues has recently gained worldwide... Read more »

SNE Dr Noor Sharing 16032014

She inherited diabetes, suffer high blood pressure and high cholesterol, injured her L3 and L4 and having ovary cysts, the bigger one was of 4 cm in size…    Read More →

SNE Dr Raffi Hj. Marjali Testimony Night Sharing 20121120

Our Body is our Greatest Doctor. Unfortunately our body cannot express itself verbally. Through various ways and means our bodies are giving us signs and symptoms signaling us the potential dangers ahead. We tend not to take heed of all these till we... Read more »

SNE Dr.Yeow Chai Thian Sharing in 2012 and 2014

Dr. Yeow Chai Thian, a medical doctor and also the founder of Mawar Renal Medical Centre, inherited diabetes and was also having a record of high cholesterol. He too has undergone Angioplasty surgery. Today, despite of his advanced age, he look youthful... Read more »

Rest and Sleep is an importance expect of our life, especially our heath, here is some useful information about sleep that you may wish to learn.  Read More →

Seabuckthorn SNE 天地精華 Charles 120817

  為什么取名”天地精華”? 會不會太夸張? 為什么會這么神奇? What we name it Heaven and Earth Essence? Is it not too exaggerating? How can SNE Seabuckthorn Seed Oil performs so much miracles in helping people to become... Read more »

Dr Raffi Hj Marjali – Perkongsian Ilmu Kesihatan dan SNE dan Testimoni

Apa itu testimoni? Ia merupakan perngakuan dari pesakit …  Bagainmana SNE menbantu, menyelesaikan badan-badan peyakit…Rasiah-ny a adalah… Adakah anda hanya nak menyelesaikan tanda-tanda atau symptom-symptom penyakit atau pun puncha... Read more »

SNE Artercardy Essence by Charles Loh_Sep2011 with subtittles

Heart Problems- Heart Attack and Stroke,  are undoubtedly number killer in the world. It is also the same in Malaysia where Heart problems has been the number killer for the past 20 years … The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please... Read more »

VIP Speech by Dr. Yeow Chai Thiam

VIP Speech by YB Senator Dato' Dr. Yeow Chai Thiam 2011… SNE products are approved products by the Ministry of Health and they are good products, so it the Artercardy Essence. Sometimes I consider if I need to consume these products? …  Read More →

Why SNE Artercardy Essence by Charles Loh

Pharmacological effects of Artercardy Essence 1.       Inhibits the formation of thrombus within the cardio-cerebral vascularity and rapidly dissolves thrombus. 2.       Promotes... Read more »

Why SNE is so special as compared to other health supplements in the market? by Charles Loh

This Presentation is in dual-languages – Chinese and Bahasa Malaysia by Charles Loh. This is yet another miracle case from JB where a patient who suffered from 2nd stage ovary cancer since July 2013 and who has undergone radiatheraphy and at the... Read more »

Heart, Blood and Artery Issues and SNE Artercardy Essence

Nutritionalist Charles Loh with us the knowledge of heart, blood and artery and the application of Artercardy Essence to overcome the common issues of High Blood Pressure, Blood Thickening and Artery Hardening and others in Bahasa Malaysia…  Read More →