二千多年以上的上等中草药;有病, 治病; 无病, 保健

Holistic Naturopath for Your Health and Wellness

Health is our most valuable asset! One must take a proactive interest in one’s health. It is our basic human responsibility. It is a true reflection of Self-love.

Health education opens to Health Awareness; Health Awareness gives rise the power to change of our unworkable limited mindsets, and beliefs of the past, the old and past manipulated old conditioning of certain capitalists

We endorse the idea that our body and mind is our greatest doctor. We promote a holistic approach to wellness based on the principle that the body has the inherent ability to heal itself by leveraging with the advanced engineering and technology. Using the healing power of the nature and non-invasion therapeutic techniques where the thoughts, the body, the mind and our emotions are supported during the healing process. We aim at knowing and treating the root causes of an individuals rather than merely treating the bodily signs and symptoms.

We follow the following Hierarchy of Healing, Beauty, and Healthy Aging

As for Sleep Therapy, we embrace Bio-Electric Potential Therapy (BEPT) and Thermo Therapy (TT) in recharging health in sleep on a daily basis for both Healing and Preventive measures.

This has become one of the key approaches we embrace for the Integrative Approach to the Health and Wellness of an individual.

我们 strongly promote naturopathy that does not give rise to any side effects and completely pre-empts medicine, injections and surgery. For the modern man, it is a natural form of healthcare that tackles health problems at their roots to ward off illnesses.

The equipment and healthcare management plan invented by the Japanese center on the activation of the body’s natural healing power. It treats the symptoms as well as root causes of the modern man’s lifestyle diseases once and for all!

医師. Okamoto Yu, a Japanese specialist on neurosurgery and malignant tumor, revealed that 90% of diseases do not need medicine and injections. The key to healing in these instances is to enhance self-healing power.

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