二千多年以上的上等中草药;有病, 治病; 无病, 保健

Hormone Imbalance and Menstruation Stop for 12 Years

琼吴作栋, 从吉隆坡, 患有激素失衡,她的月经停止 12 成,  lot of 痰, 长期咳嗽 (定期服用咳嗽药), 如果没有安眠药无法入睡了一年. 对于7年, visited... Read more »

Weak Body, Cough, Tiredness, Memory and Eye-sight

乔斯林, 12 岁, 两年前,我有一个非常虚弱的身体, 经常生病. 每月必须至少两次看医生. 我妈妈送我到西部和东部的医生 …  更多 →

Gastrointestinal, Lung and Liver Health

  The health promoting effects of Seabuckthorn oil are direct and clear. The concerted and mutual promoting actions of the 190 元素具有积极作用,对内分泌, 循环, 免疫, and nervous systems and this in turn creates a most... Read more »

I am having viral infection, felt tired, having running nose, 咳嗽, have some degree of fever, what should I do? Viral illnesses are the most common cause of upper respiratory symptoms. Symptoms of a viral illness often appear over several hours without... Read more »

Siti Aminah Sharing 120811 on Sembelit, Batuk, Obes, Kaki Sakit, Migrain

西蒂Animah她的健康经验分享SNE的产品. 她是如何惊人的,而不是故意失去了重量 86 公斤到 66 公斤, 她是如何奇迹般地迅速克服SNE的和Exceltea消费后她便秘多…  更多 →

1.       無花果 (Fig) 2.       蜜棗 (Sweetened Dates) 3.       雪耳 (Fungus) 4.       百合Lily 5.     ... Read more »